Michigan Supreme Court Hears Major Right-To-Work CaseThe Michigan Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case that will determine whether state workers are covered by a right-to-work law.
Michigan Supreme Court To Hear Major Right-To-Work CaseUnions have much to lose if the decision stands.
Wisconsin Governor's Reluctance On Right-To-Work Mirrors Snyder's"My position is right now, for the attention it would draw into the state, it would be a distraction," Scott Walker said.
Judge: Michigan Teachers Can Exit Union AnytimeMichigan's largest teachers' union should allow members to resign at any time and stop enforcing an annual one-month opt-out window, a state labor judge ruled.
Judge Won't Upset Key Part Of Michigan Right-To-Work LawA judge has rejected a challenge to a key portion of a Michigan law that allows workers to have a job without giving financial support to a union.
Mich. Appeals Court Upholds Teacher Benefits LawThe 3-0 ruling released Wednesday affirms an Ingham County judge's ruling and rejects unions' arguments that the law is unconstitutional.
Union Members Focus On Future This Labor DayOn this first Labor Day since Michigan became a right to work state, union members are reflecting on the state of organized labor.
Court: Right-To-Work Law Applies To State WorkersA divided Michigan appeals court has ruled that the state's right-to-work law applies to 35,000 unionized state employees.
Michigan, UAW To Begin Contract NegotiationsUAW President Bob King and other union and state government officials shook hands in Lansing Wednesday.
Top Mich. Court Won't Rule Early On Right-To-WorkThe Michigan Supreme Court on Friday unanimously decided not to step in early to decide the legality of the state's right-to-work law.
High Court Not Ready To Give Right-To-Work OpinionThe Michigan Supreme Court still hasn't decided to offer its view on the state's right-to-work law. In fact, it is seeking someone's opinion on whether it should give an opinion.