TTYM: Goodell Is Goofed, Harden Can't Dance And New Lingerie Leaguers?Here are five amusing events moments in sports this week.
Goodell Speaks, Apologizing For Handling Of Ray Rice And Saying The NFL Will Do Better"My expectation, gun to my head ..." was that Goodell would be arrogant and secretive, Valenti said, adding "This is the darkest two weeks in league history."
Reggie Bush On Greg Hardy Playing: 'I Think It's Unfair To Ray Rice'As the sports world buzzes about Rice, Detroit prepares to face Carolina and Greg Hardy, who was found guilty of attacking an ex-girlfriend.
Five Things: Steelers Vs. Ravens Thursday Night RoundupFor just the second time in the past 11 regular-season games between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, the outcome was decided by more than a field goal, as the Ravens crushed the Steelers 26-6 last night at home.
Is Turnabout Fair Play? Some Players Think Goodell Should Be Suspended For Ray Rice"We talk about the situation a lot," Glover Quin said. "You wonder what really happened and what really didn't happen."
AP Newsbreak: Source Says Rice Video Sent To NFL A law enforcement official says he sent a video of Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee to an NFL executive three months ago, while league officers have insisted they didn't see the violent images until this week.
Roger Goodell's Memo To Teams About Ray RiceThere are still lots of questions swirling around the Ray Rice knockout video, and the NFL's reaction to it. Did they know about it and just fail to get it? Did they watch it and fail to react?
Caldwell Addresses Rice Situation, Says Lions Have Zero Tolerance For Domestic ViolenceAs far as how the Lions would deal with a player who committed an act of domestic violence, Caldwell implied the player would be released.
Twitter Reacts To Ravens Releasing Ray RiceHere is how players, sports pros and regular folks reacted to Ray Rice's suspension on Twitter.
Keidel: Josh Gordon And NFL PolicyIt seems we've jumped into the pool of relativism since we got wind of Josh Gordon's season-long suspension for marijuana use. You have the indignant faction that can't believe someone who smokes weed gets a year while Ray Rice skates with a two-game suspension
NFL Increases Penalties For Domestic Violence NFL players will be subject to a six-week suspension for a first domestic violence offense and banishment from the league for a second under a new policy outlined by Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Report: NFL Considering Longer Suspensions For Domestic Violence IncidentsStricter sanctions could include four-game or six-game bans for a first offense and a season-long ban for a second offense.
Keidel: Rice Regrets, The World ForgetsNo matter what Ray Rice said yesterday, it can't change what he did or the near-universal perception that aristocrats get more chances than we do. But Rice made one refreshing statement: His wife could do no wrong.
Sheriff Goodell Not So Tough On Domestic Violence [BLOG]The NFL has suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice two games for allegedly striking his wife in an Atlantic City hotel.
5 Places I'd Like To See The NFL DraftThe NFL just announced that the NFL Draft will not be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City next year. Here is my list of places that I'd like to see the NFL Draft.