Man Killed At Cedar Point After Being Struck By Raptor Roller CoasterA man looking for a lost cellphone was struck and killed by the Raptor roller coaster Thursday.
Video Shows Slingshot Ride's Cable Snapping With People Aboard [VIDEO]I will never again ride a roller coaster.
Still Bringing The Thrills: Behind The Scenes Of Raytheon’s Epcot RideRaytheon, a longtime supporter of education in science, technology, engineering and math, created Sum of All Thrills to show the real-life application of concepts such as angles, velocity and kinetic energy.
Cedar Point To Remodel Mantis Roller Coaster Into Floorless 'Rougarou'“Rougarou is going to be a fantastic addition to our coaster lineup and our guests are going to love it."
Woman Falls To Death From Roller Coaster At Six Flags Over TexasA woman riding a roller coaster at a Six Flags amusement park in North Texas died Friday, and witnesses say she fell from a ride that is billed as the tallest steel-hybrid coaster in the world.
Cedar Point's GateKeeper Is A Real Crowd PleaserCedar Point is finally open! While thrill seekers have waited all winter long for this day, this year's opening is undeniably special for CP lovers across the planet for one reason -- GateKeeper.
Cedar Point's New Roller Coaster GateKeeper Undergoes TestingCedar Point opens one month from Thursday, and you can't miss their newest roller coaster.
Kings Island Sells Pieces Of Troubled 'Son Of Beast' Roller CoasterAn Ohio amusement park is selling off pieces of a troubled roller coaster that is now being torn down.
VIDEO: Cedar Point Space Spiral Crashes To The GroundIn operation since 1965, the family-friendly, high-rising, slow-spinning ride is being removed from the Toledo park to make way for a new ride.
Cedar Point Offers Special Discounts For Michigan ResidentsSummer is winding down, but these last few weeks before school starts are a great time for Michigan residents to visit Cedar Point.
It's Physics, But Much More FunWhile not all kids will admit that they love physics, just about every kid loves a ride on a roller coaster.