AG Nessel Warns Michigan Residents Of 'Smishing' Text Message ScamsMichigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is warning Michigan residents to look out for text message scams, known as “smishing.”
Wayne County Sheriff's Office Warns Of New Phone ScamThe Wayne County Sheriff's Office is warning of a new phone scam going out to people in the county.
AG Nessel Issues Urgent Consumer Alert On COVID-19 ScamsVaccines, treatments, test kits and clinical trials are all examples of what scammers may be offering.
Dr. Oz And Dr. Crupain Break Down What You Need To Know About Sanitizing Wipes To Avoid Getting ScammedDr. Oz And Dr. Crupain Break Down What You Need To Know About Sanitizing Wipes To Avoid Getting Scammed
Top Holiday Shopping Scams For Consumers To Watch Out ForThe holidays are the perfect time for shoppers to hunt for a good deal. It's also a prime opportunity for bad actors to scam consumers.
Health Insurance Scams Soar Amid Obamacare ChangesA massive surge in health care-related robocalls shows how crooks follow the news to find new victims.
Beware Of This Elaborate Scam In Oakland CountyIn this elaborate scheme, scammers pretend to be authorities and threaten people with jail time if they don't pay, according to officials.
Michigan's Most Common ScamMichigan is in the top five states most likely to be scammed, according to a new report, and the biggest culprit in the state is debt collection scams.
As Tax Day Approaches Here are 5 Scams to Watch ForTax Day, the last day to file 2017 income tax returns, is just days away on April 17. And scammers are upping their game, the IRS said in a warning this week. Thousands of Americans have lost millions of dollars and their personal information in scams, the agency said.
Crook Posing As Cop Threatens Arrest In Oakland County Phone ScamAuthorities are investigating cases of crooks impersonating court officers, the IRS, and even a sheriff's deputy.
Authorities Go After Crooked Car Deals In National Crackdown"The clear message is that across this country, and indeed internationally, law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for deceptive and illegal practices by auto dealers."