Scene In Detroit: Reclaim Rather Than AbandonSure, a structure could be unlivable due to decades of neglect but why should salvageable, beautiful materials be thrown into a landfill?
Scene In Detroit: Blog WorldThere are TONS of Detroit blogs, and I think it's time to give a few of them some well-deserved props.
Scene In Detroit: The Men of MemoriesTo keep the current moving, make your postcard. And maybe, when you find yourself getting upset about this upcoming election or wanting to honk at that person in front of you for not using their turn signal or say something hurtful, think of the postcard.
Scene In Detroit: Improv At Its Best...or Worst?However, this is what I love about Planet Ant: they don't pretend to be anything they aren't. They're not Second City.
Scene In Detroit: Weeding Out Trash, And CrimeTwice per week, Hedgies, tends to the needs of E. Jefferson between Conner and Alter, including things like weed abatement, trash removal, power washing, graffiti maintenance and mowing of lawns.
Scene In Detroit: Vendettas, Dreams and American Art"Land of Opportunity" will be on display at AMERICA!'s opening reception is Friday, August 3rd from 6 p.m. to 9pm and hanging there until August 24th.
Scene In Detroit: The Great Lakes Coffee Company, Appealing To AllRemember my 'mourning coffee' piece? Of course you do. Well, sympathize no more, for my days of grief are over thanks to The Great Lakes Coffee Company.
Scene In Detroit: Cooking Really Does Matter"We're trying to debunk the myth that eating is expensive," Sarah Mills, a manager of Cooking Matters in Detroit explained.
Scene In Detroit: Kids' Perspective On Big City LifeI wanted to get this highly underrated perspective on what it's like to spend time in the city and knew exactly who I needed to talk to.
Scene In Detroit: Why Everyone Needs To Enjoy Belle IsleWouldn't it be amazing if everyone just started taking advantage of the scenery, the activities and amenities which then would lower crime, fuel even more renovations and clean ups?
Scene In Detroit: Mourning Coffee At ThistleFor the past few months, I sat behind my computer, quietly working on my projects, observing the life that existed in Thistle.