Rear Ends Clothing Store Collecting Donations For Sanctum House And Sex Trafficking VictimsRear Ends Clothing store in Bloomfield Hills, wearing denim to bring attention to "Denim Day," a time to raise awareness for sexual assault victims. They're collecting gently used woman clothes to donate to Sanctum House and assault victims.
Bills Reintroduced to Lengthen statue of Limitations Of Sexual Abuse Victims By UofM DoctorTwo legislators are fighting to help victims of sexual abuse by a University of Michigan doctor have the legal recourse to sue the university. According to Mlive, there is currently a statute of limitations of three years for people abused while receiving medical care.
Ohio State Settles More Sexual Abuse Cases Bringing Totals To Over $46MNearly 400 men have sued the university over its failure to stop Richard Strauss during his two-decade tenure, despite students raising concerns as far back as the late 1970s.
University of Michigan Agrees Victim Of Sex Abuse Waited Too Long To File SuitA former wrestler who claims he was sexually assaulted by a University of Michigan sports doctor waited too long to file a lawsuit.
UofM Proactive In Latest Move To Deal With Sexual Abuse DoctorThe University of Michigan is sending a letter to thousands of former student-athletes, asking them to speak with investigators from a law firm it hired to lead a probe into a deceased doctor.
U of M Whistleblower In Sex Abuse Case Comes ForwardAn attorney announced Wednesday his firm represents more than a dozen people in the University of Michigan sexual abuse  case and will hold a news conference with the whistleblower and two other former wrestlers to share their allegations about the late Dr. Robert E. Anderson.
Records Indicate U of M Officials Knew Of Sexual AbuseUniversity of Michigan officials were warned more than four decades ago that one of its doctors was fondling patients during medical exams.
Turning Auto Parts Into Fashion Accessories At 'Mend on the Move'One in four girls will experience child sexual abuse. These broken, abused children, if not given the opportunity to heal, grow into broken adults who are vulnerable to many of society’s injustices.
Jessica Simpson Opens Up About Her Anxiety, Abuse And Addiction That Almost Ended It AllToday, popstar royalty Jessica Simpson opens up to Dr. Oz about the years of addiction, sexual abuse, and family secrets she’s hidden from the world her entire life.  
Oz Investigates: The College Gynecologist Accused Of Rampant Sexual Abuse By Hundreds Of PatientsThe doctor's office is supposed to be a safe place for patients, but what happens when an exam feels inappropriate, and a patient feels violated.
Rochester Hills Teacher Charged In Sex Case Involving Two StudentsA 26-year-old former special needs teacher in Rochester Hills has been charged with six counts of criminal sexual conduct involving two teenage boys, ages 16 and 17.