'Dereliction Of Duty' Says Sanders Calling For Michigan Governor To Resign Over Flint Water Crisis... after visiting Flint, and hearing from people about their health problems because of their water supply, Sanders says Governor Snyder should resign.
Snyder Continues Shift In Staff Amid Flint Water CrisisGov. Rick Snyder has appointed a new director to his communications office and reassigned two members of the staff.
Michael Keaton Questions Role Of Reporters In Flint Water CrisisActor Michael Keaton said that "had there been a spotlight put on that ... maybe they would have been a little bit ahead of the situation."
Snyder: DEQ Actions Lacked Common Sense; 2 At Michigan DEQ Facing DisciplineTwo more people at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality are facing discipline for their role in the Flint Water Crisis.
$80 Million In Federal Funds Heading To State Of Michigan For FlintPresident Obama says $80 million in federal funds is on the way to address the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.
Results Inconclusive Linking Flint Water To Increase In Legionnaires' DisesaseThe outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in Genessee County can not be directly linked to the tainted water in Flint.
Michigan Budget Officials Recommend $28M To Aid Flint Water CrisisFlint has returned to Detroit water, but many residents are relying on bottled water.
Governor Declares State Of Emergency For Genesee County Due To Ongoing Water Issues In FlintIn 2014, while under the control of a state-appointed emergency manager, switched its water supply source to the Flint River as part of a cost-cutting move.
'Snyder Flu' Continues As Detroit Students, Teachers Protest Plan For Charter SchoolsCass Tech teacher and activist Steve Conn says the sick-out is just a start of things to come.
Nearly 100 Apply But No Pardons Yet In 2015 From GovernorAfter years without a driver's license, a Bay City man asked Gov. Rick Snyder if he would wipe clean his drunken-driving offenses with a pardon.
Snyder: Still 'Fair Amount Of Work To Be Done' To Settle Michigan Roads FixAs the House mulls over a Republican plan for a 15-cent a gallon gas tax hike, the Democrats this week proposed a plan to raise most of the money needed through a corporate income tax hike.
Michigan Union Will Try To Stop New Prison Food ContractA Michigan union pledged to try to stop a three-year, $158 million prison food contract approved Tuesday, questioning the lack of a new bid and saying state employees should again be doing the work instead.
Arbitrator: Laid-Off State Nursing Aides Get SeveranceAn arbitrator says Michigan must pay severance to eligible nursing aides who were laid off when the state privatized their jobs
Michigan Governor Signs Bill Tying Truancy To AssistanceUnder the policy, a family loses eligibility for cash assistance if a child ages 6 through 15 doesn't meet attendance requirements.
Maggots Discovered At Michigan Prison During Lunch At Correctional FacilityA Correction's spokesperson says that there were no reports by inmates of maggots on their plates but he can't say yet for certain that no maggots made it to the lunch table.