Travel Guide To Colorado's Great Sand DunesHead out for a vacation that will put you in the heart of America's Great Sand Dunes. During your trip you can explore the country's highest dunes, go hiking through diverse forests or splash around in local waterways.
Sprucing Up Belle Isle: State Cuts Down Hazardous TreesThe 982-acre park will open Feb. 10 as Michigan's 102nd state park.
Peky Plant Invades; Volunteers Wanted To Weed State ParksIt smells good, and you can eat it -- but Michigan officials say they just want it out of state parks.
Wanted: Volunteers To Spruce Up Michigan ParksMany of the state parks are in need of caring and you can help make them look beautiful.
Detroit City Council Discuss 'Controversial' Plans For Belle Isle The Detroit City Council on Tuesday discussed a controversial plan to have the state take Belle Isle off the city's hands.
Detroit Council Won't Vote On 'Stupid' Belle Isle Plan"Offensive" and "insulting" and "stupid" are just three of the words Detroit City Council members used to describe Mayor Bing and Gov. Snyder's proposed agreement to turn Belle Isle into a state park.
State Details Plan To Lease Detroit's Belle IsleDetroit would maintain ownership under a proposed agreement with the state and Department of Natural Resources leasing the land under contract.
Belle Isle Expected To Become State ParkIt appears Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Gov. Rick Snyder have struck a deal to have the state run Belle Isle for the next 30 years.
Detroit, State Discuss Plans For Belle Isle ParkA gem to some and wreck to others, Detroit's Belle Isle has become the latest bone of contention between state officials offering to operate the poorly managed park and what some in the city see as too much outside interference.
Michigan Parks In Your BackyardBlogger Vicki Briganti has a lifetime of experience visiting Michigan State Parks and Metroparks. Where should you go this Fourth of July weekend? Find out which park best suits your favorite activities.
State Parks Hiring For Summer HelpSummer employees are needed at Michigan's 98 state parks and recreation areas, nearly 700 boating access sites and 16 state harbors located around the state. Part-and full-time jobs are available.