Stoney's Play Of The DayIt has been a few days but I am back. Tonight the Kobe Bryant retirement tour swings by the nation's capital with a game against the Wizards.
Stoney's Play Of The DayThe Oakland University Golden Grizzlies were beaten by undefeated 97-88 Southern Illinois Wednesday night.
Stoney's Play Of The DayA 2 day break follows the correct under pick in Thursday's Jaguars-Titans game.
Stoney's Play Of The DayWe go local again this evening. I am confident Michigan State can keep it close against Kansas.
Stoney's Play Of The DayThankfully a missed 3 pointer with 9 seconds left by Florida Atlantic's Nick Rutherford kept the total points at the Breslin Center to 137.
Shaq Does His Job Pantless [VIDEO]Shaquille O'Neal knows that the show must go on, even if that means he will be doing that show with no pants.
Stoney's Play Of The DayLast night Bowling Green and Western Michigan combined for 68 points after the third quarter.
Stoney's Play Of The DayThe Milwaukee Bucks were awful last night against the Celtics and thus the Play of the Day suffered a defeat.
Stoney's Play Of The DayWednesday night Bowling Green had no problem covering the 21 they were laying against Ohio.
Stoney's Play Of The DayNot only did Northern Illinois cover the spread as a 7 1/2 point underdog in Toledo last night, they won the game outright.
Stoney's Play Of The DayThe Milwaukee Bucks picked up their first win of the season last night.
Stoney's Play Of The DayFriday night was the only game the Mets won in the 2015 World Series which was the game I had them, so thank you Mets.
Stoney's Play Of The DayThe Pistons came through with a win and the cover last night at the Palace.
Dressing As Jim Harbaugh Is An Internet Sensation [PHOTOS]He owns it.
Stoney's Play Of The DayOvertime did me no favors yesterday as Buffalo beat the Flyers in Philly.