Here's Why A Study Says Michigan Lacks Christmas SpiritChristmas in Michigan is a day for spending time with family, swapping presents and digging into tasty treats. The holiday can also be a reason to spend the week vacationing on an island or simply basking in the nothingness of a day off from work.
E-Cigarette Use Associated With Self-Reported Clinical DepressionE-cigarette users were twice as likely than people who had never used e-cigarettes to report having clinical depression, according to a new study.
Study: Nearly All Toddlers, And The Majority Of Babies, Eat Too Much Added Sugar In The USA new analysis of national data published Wednesday finds 98% of toddlers and two-thirds of infants consume added sugars in their diets each day.
Scientists May Have Just Worked Out Why We HiccupAlthough hiccups seem a nuisance, scientists have discovered they may play a crucial role in our development -- by helping babies to regulate their breathing.
Study: Marijuana Use Is Rising Among Young Adults, Especially College StudentsMarijuana use among young adults, especially college students, has been steadily increasing, and the numbers are pretty high, according to a new report.
Study: Only Children Are More Likely To Be ObeseOnly children may be at a higher risk for obesity than children who have siblings, according to a new study published Wednesday.
Here's Why Medical Groups Differ On When To Start Colon And Rectal Cancer ScreeningConflicting recommendations on when and how average-risk adults should get screened for colon and rectal cancer could leave you confused -- but new guidance aims to make sense of it all.
Asthma Patients Could Slash Their Carbon Footprint By Switching To 'Greener' Inhalers Asthma sufferers could sharply reduce their carbon footprint by swapping commonly used inhalers for "greener" alternatives, a study from the University of Cambridge has found.
STUDY: Swearing Can Help Your WorkoutWant to push through that workout? Go ahead and drop an F-bomb.
Study: Exercising Before Breakfast Burns More FatShould you eat before or after exercise in the morning? The debate has raged for years.
Study: Lower Income Neighborhoods have Bigger Mosquitoes That May Be More Efficient At Transmitting DiseasesAs if life wasn't already challenging enough for residents in low-income urban neighborhoods, new research suggests such communities are more at risk from particularly harmful, aggressive mosquitoes.