Survey: Online Gift Shopping While Drunk Is More Common Than You Might ThinkFor some, holiday online shopping will go hand-in-hand with a Hot Toddy.
Meat-Free Burgers Contain More Salt Than Real BurgersMeat-free burgers contain high levels of salt -- exceeding recommended limits, finds a new survey into the salt content of vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat.
Michigan Launches Major Survey Of The Deaf, BlindThe state of Michigan wants to learn about the needs of deaf, blind and hearing-impaired residents.
Report: How Sexist Michigan IsA study from the University of Chicago analyzes how sexist every state in America is.
Survey: Most Americans Think the Best President in Their Lifetime Was ObamaEvidence of that is borne out in a new Pew Research Center poll released this week that places former President Barack Obama at the top of a list of best presidents of Americans' lifetimes.
Working From Home Could Increase Your Tax BillWorking from home can be a dream for many. But for some, it can also mean a bigger tax bill.
Survey Ranks Fattest Cities In The USMarch is National Nutrition Month so how does Detroit stack up against other cities when it comes to obesity?
What Are We Asking Google?Directions, homework and obtaining phone numbers are among the top Google voice searches, the company reports in a survey.
Think You Can Swim? Red Cross Says Half Don't Meet Swimming StandardsA survey conducted by the Red Cross showed that the majority of Americans say that they have what it takes to be strong swimmers, but 54 percent can't display critical water safety skills.
DPS Sending Parents Survey To Rate Their Concerns Regarding School IssuesWhat are the top concerns among parents in the Detroit Public Schools? A survey sent to parents hopes to answer that very question.
Compuware: Tech Failures Plague Global Businesses, Costing BillionsGlobal businesses of all sizes face pervasive technology failures, with more than half registering a significant technology failure within the past year and 81 percent indicating they had the same fiasco occur multiple times, a Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq:CPWR) survey found.