Lansing Mayor Talks Vigilance, Compassion For RefugeesMayor Virg Bernero says they trust that the federal government will do the proper screening of refugees.
Gov. Snyder On Muslims: Don't Lump Me With Donald TrumpDoes the governor still hope Michigan will be able to welcome more Syrian refugees?
Gov. Snyder Seeks Bipartisan Group On Syrian Refugee VettingOther GOP governors seek to block Syrians following last month's deadly attacks in Paris.
Jesse Jackson: Syrian Refugees Should Be Welcomed In USJackson said governors who have spoken out against federal refugee policies following the deadly attacks in Paris "are playing on our fears."
Syrian Refugees In Hamtramck Describe Terrifying Experiences, Extensive Screenings"I'm thankful for this great country that is the county of human rights, to allow us to have new lives here."
Detroit Mayor Recommits To Taking 50 Syrian Refugee Families A Year: 'We Haven't Wavered On That'"If you're gonna be human you can't look at these stories and not say people who are fleeing terror ought to have somebody welcome them."
Michael Moore Defies State's Ban, Opens Home To Syrian RefugeesMoore posted an open letter to the governor on Facebook Friday, saying that he will open his own home to those who have been displaced by violence in the Middle East.
Pontiac City Council Reviews Planned Development For Syrian RefugeesAttorney Shareef Akeel says to turn down a development only for certain groups of people smacks of discrimination.
Brooks Patterson Orders Departments Under County Control To Cease Support Of Syrian RefugeesPatterson cited the lax immigration policies of the federal government and the inability to guaranty there will be no ISIS infiltrators among the refugees as reasons the project should not move forward.
Experts Say States Lack Legal Authority To Block RefugeesThe Homeland Security Department says refugees face the highest level of security screening...
Highland Park Mayor: Help Struggling Americans Before Syrian Refugees"We're not at war, but there is a war going on in our city," DeAndre Windom said.