Terry Foster: Stop Romanticizing Joe Louis Arena, It Was The Worst In The NHLIt was not deserving of the name Joe Louis, who is one of the most accomplished athletes in Detroit history.
Terry Foster: Petition Seeks To Fire Holland, Make Hockeytown Great Again“I love this team. I love the Red Wings,” said Graham. “It’s just time to get Ken Holland out.”
Terry Foster Reflects On Detroit's 'Race Riot,' What Remains And What Was LostMy neighborhood lost a lot during that five days of civil disobedience. We lost a furniture store, a movie theater, the party store two blocks from the house and about a half-dozen apartment buildings. They all went up in smoke and the smell lingered for weeks afterwards.
Terry Foster: Returning Was Difficult, But I've Turned The CornerI might not be the same person you knew, but I’m working on it for my family and Lamont’s memory.
Terry Foster: Old Tiger Woods Isn't Fun To WatchI’m officially tired of Tiger Woods. I do not want to see replays of every errant shot.
Terry Foster: Even Spartan Fans Can Enjoy The Story Of The Michigan WolverinesSo we can throw out the myth that Michigan lives by the three and dies by the three.
Terry Foster: Millionaire Basketball Player Andre Iguodala Insults History With 'Master' Reference And 'N' Word“We gotta score more than the other team. Yep, they want dumb n-----s so I’m going to give y’ll a dumb n----,” Iguodala said.
Terry Foster: The Wolverines Want To Be A National PowerHe is scary and dangerous to the football establishment. Michigan cannot compete with Alabama or Clemson in a big game yet, but he is taking steps to put himself in position to do so.
Terry Foster: The Lions Should Pass On Joe MixonWinning is important. But at what cost?
Terry Foster: 'I Am Lucky That I Did Not Die'Although I am back to work now, I am not 100 percent yet -- but I feel better every day because of diet, exercise and regular visits to the doctor.
Terry Foster: The NFL Got It Right On SundayThe finest weekend of NFL football is behind us as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons advance to Super Bowl LI in Houston.