Son Sets Mother's Home Ablaze Allegedly Over Cheez-ItsA man had to rescue his mother from the second floor during a fire at a DeKalb County home that allegedly began over a box of Cheez-Its.
Pot Smokers Find Huge Tiger In Abandoned HomeIt took a little convincing before police believed the person who reported the strange discovery.
The Boiling Water Challenge Is Sending People To The HospitalIt looks cool -- throwing boiling water into the air and watching it instantly freeze in supercold weather -- but don't do it.
AAA Confirms Cold Weather Driving Can Reduce Electric Car Range Its been long suspected that cold weather could potentially have an effect on electric cars, now one study offers proof. 
Detroit Police Find Cremated Remains In Abandoned Funeral HomePolice in Detroit have once again found cremated remains inside an abandoned funeral home.
ASMR Makes Super Bowl Debut, The Phenomenon ExplainedYou may have never heard of ASMR before, but you may have experienced it.
Michigan Man In Netflix's 'Dope' Arrested For Drug TraffickingA man famed for his reported involvement in metro Detroit's drug trafficking community has been arrested.
Detroit Officer Demoted For Snapchat Video Taunting Black WomanA White Detroit police officer has been demoted and reassigned from the field while the department investigates racially demeaning comments made during a traffic stop and posted on social media.
Farmington Hills' Fake University Part Of Immigration Sting, Leads To 130 ArrestsAt first glance it all seemed real. The University of Farmington boasted that its “innovative curriculum combines traditional instruction and distance learning with full-time professional experiences.” 
Starting Today Girls Can Join The Boy Scouts It's official: Girls can now join the Boy Scouts.
Detroit Tries To Reduce $3.5M Payment In Case of Mistaken IdentityLawyers for Detroit are asking a judge to reduce a $3.5 million verdict for a man who was arrested in a case of mistaken identity.