True Crime: Vacation Nightmares: Are You Being Targeted For A Crime Or Killing When You Go Away?Increased reports of violence against tourists have people concerned they could be a target on their next vacation.  Today, Dr. Oz investigates why so many popular destination spots have become a haven for robbery, rape and even murder against unsuspecting Americans.
True Crime: Abducted In Plain Sight: The Stranger Than Fiction Case Of A Girl Abducted And Abused By A Pedophile NeighborDr. Oz takes a closer look at a twisted tale of manipulation involving Jan Broberg, a 12-year-old girl who was abducted by her neighbor and brainwashed into thinking aliens would hurt her family if she didn’t follow orders.
True Crime Exclusive: The Secret Life Of Killer Dad Chris Watts: The Neighbor Who Helped Put Him Behind Bars Speaks OutChris Watts was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the brutal murders of his wife, two daughters, and an unborn son. 
True Crime: Btk's Daughter On The Shocking Discovery Her Dad Was A Serial KillerDennis Rader was a soft-spoken family man and church leader who was hiding another identity as the notorious BTK serial killer.  He is currently serving consecutive life sentences for terrorizing a town in Kansas and the murder of 10 innocent people.
True Crime: How A Twisted Love Triangle Led To A Murder Of A Marine’s WifeA small-town girl married to a Marine starts an affair with a fellow Marine and meets an untimely death, but was she murdered by her husband or her lover?  Today, Dr. Oz speaks to True Crime journalist Shanna Hogan, along with friends and family members about how this twisted love triangle turned into murder.
True Crime: Breaking News: Gruesome New Details In Missing Mom Kelsey Berreth Case - Was She Killed In Front Of Her Toddler?Today, Dr. Oz and his expert crime panel continue to investigate what really happened to Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth, including allegations of how her fiance Patrick Frazee killed her and how his mistress helped cover it up.
True Crime: Former “West Memphis 3” Inmate Speaks Out On Life After Death RowDamien Echols’ story has been compared to a real-life witch hunt after he was convicted, along with two others, of killing three young boys and sentenced to die.
True Crime: Jodi Arias: Why Her Lawyer Says The Case Ruined His LifeJodi Arias is currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend.