Michigan Woman Gets $2,000 Fine From TSA Over Apple ButterA jar of apple butter has apparently landed a Michigan woman on the wrong side of the law.
Loaded Glock 1 Of 2 Guns Found In Carry-On Bags At Metro AirportThe TSA said two firearms were found at Detroit Metro Airport at different times on Thursday.
Man Admits He Tried To Sneak Concealed Knife Through Security At Detroit Metro AirportAn Alabama man arrested at Detroit Metro Airport when he was caught with a knife in a shoe in his carry-on luggage says he put it there hoping it wouldn't be detected by an x-ray scanner.
Loaded Gun Found In Carry-On Luggage At Detroit MetroFirearms are prohibited in carry-on bags, but can be transported in checked bags if they are unloaded, properly packed and declared to the airline.
Man Arrested At Metro Airport With 'Artfully Concealed' Knife In His ShoeTSA officials say the man was caught hiding the weapon in the lining of his shoe.
Man Arrested With Loaded Semi-Automatic Handgun At Metro AirportTSA officials said the weapon was loaded with an extra magazine with 20 additional rounds in it.
Tips On Packing Lightly For VacationFor the first-time traveler hoping to avoid baggage fees to the experienced globetrotter, the following 10 tips will help teach you how to pack more efficiently and maybe even more safely.
Gov't. Shutdown Could Soon Slow Down Air TravelThe federal shutdown hasn't hampered travel through the friendly skies... but it soon might.
Behind Response To Airport Bomb Threat That Wasn't"Just because it turns out to be innocuous items doesn't mean the response by the law enforcement officials wasn't appropriate," said a Metro Airport spokesman.
Man Arrested With Loaded Gun In Carry-On BagA 61-year-old Ohio man is facing weapons charges after he was caught preparing to board a flight to Detroit with a gun in his bag.
Traveler Caught With Loaded Gun In Carry-On BagA passenger at Detroit Metro Airport is arrested after TSA officials say they found a loaded revolver in his carry-on bag.