The Giants Losing To Carolina Vs. Little Mac Losing To Glass Joe In “Punch-Out”

  • Opponent's Hometown
    Giants: Charlotte, North Carolina. Oooo! It’s supposed to be lovely there!
    Little Mac: France. FRANCE. FRAAAAAAAA-
  • Opponent’s Record Before Match:
  • Predictable Offense?
    I don’t know if it’s predictable, but cripes is it boring.
    He’s got about 5 punches to dodge, so yes.
  • Motivational Halftime Speech?
    “Join the Nintendo Fun Club Today, Mac!”
  • Secret weapon?
    Throwing to Victor “Look at my stupid dance, I’m a jerk!” Cruz.
    Pressing “Start” when he has a star punch.
  • Post Loss Quote?
    “Disappointing is not a strong enough word.”
    Give up? Retire? Start training, make a comeback!
  • Future Implications?
    Maybe we can finally stop having the stupid “Which Manning is Better?” debate.
    He’s doomed against Von Kaiser - nevermind Bald Bull or the second fight against Don Flamenco.
Gloriously losing once again, the boring, listless Giants drop one to Little Mac and Glass Joe, 4-3. Having watched my beloved Patriots drop two awful Super Bowls to them, I gotta say: this defeat is pretty good. -Brian Cullen, CBS Local Sports contributor