The warm weather is here and the camping season has officially begun. Time to break out the tents, sleeping bags and camping stove for a few days of getting back to nature and enjoying time away from the busy city. However, just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the important conveniences of home. That’s where these handy tools come in. Technology has helped the world of outdoor gear grow by leaps and bounds, and now you can enjoy plenty of modern conveniences from anywhere on the mountain. Here are five amazing tools that you’ll wonder what you ever did without.

Biolite Camping Stove
Price: $209

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The Biolite Camping Stove goes far beyond your traditional camping stove, and delivers some much needed power for those long camping trips. Things you can find around any campsite, just like your regular fire pit, fuel this stove. So look for dry pinecones and twigs around the area and you’ll have plenty of fuel for this handy gadget. What makes the Biolite Camping Stove special is that you can charge any USB gadget while you make your dinner, plus you can stock up on other accessories like the KettlePot attachment for fresh coffee, so this stove will do a lot more than your dad’s old camping stove.

Selk’bag Sleeping System
Price: $159

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Stay warm during those crisp, cold mornings on your next camping trip by never getting out of your sleeping bag. No, you won’t have to stay in your tent, or even hop around, as long as you get the Selk’bag Sleeping System. This is more like a sleeping suit than a sleeping bag, so you can get up and walk around, all while staying nice and warm. It’s the perfect way to keep cozy around a camp fire, or if you have to get up at night to find a bathroom. There is a quick release closure on the sleeves so you can free your hands for cooking or any other chores you need to do around the campsite.

Ultra Filtration Water Bottle
Price: $164.95

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Staying hydrated is crucial to any camping or hiking trip, but when you run out of bottled water, it can be near impossible to find a fresh and safe water source easily. This water bottle may be pricey, but it uses replaceable filters to pull out all the bacteria, parasites, viruses and other waterborne pathogens with no pesky chemicals. It can treat up to 750 milliliters of water in less than a minute. It’s the perfect water bottle to keep for any hiking trip, as you’ll always be able to have fresh, safe water no matter what happens while you are on the trails. With this bottle, you’ll never again need to bring tablets for water or wait for water to boil, and you’ll always have the peace of mind that you need for a fun and safe outdoor adventure.

Tabletop Mosquito Repeller
Price: $20

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What’s one of the most annoying parts of any camping or hiking trip? All the bug bites. This Tabletop Mosquito Repeller provides you with almost 18 hours worth of protection against the bugs, and you won’t need to spray any of those smelly chemicals on yourself or your children. Instead, it uses a blend of cinnamon, lemongrass, geranium and peppermint oils to naturally repel mosquitos, and distributes the scent with a simple internal fan. It’s much stronger than a citronella candle, lasts longer, and you can pick up refills to keep the handy tool running for years to come. Go with this mosquito repeller for a safe and effective way to enjoy your vacation.

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink
Price: $20

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When you go camping, do you find yourself packing everything but the kitchen sink? Well now you can pack that too, thanks to this portable and very handy camping sink. These lightweight sinks come in two sizes and are great for everything from purifying water to cooking, washing dishes or bathing. Plus, the smaller one is also great as a portable dog bowl, so man’s best friend can enjoy your next camping trip as well. This portable sink is much more than a water-safe bowl, as it comes with a stainless steel stiffening ring to keep it sturdy, and can fold into its own small travel pouch. If you’ve ever tried to wash dishes outdoors, you already know how difficult it can be without the right tools, so this inexpensive gadget is a great solution to that universal problem.

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