You may have seen a scary thing or two in your day on Halloween, but you’ve never been scared like this before. If you’re looking for a haunted house that will really send shivers down your spine, rest assured that these houses will exceed your expectations and take you beyond the gates of terror. Certainly not for the faint of heart, these mazes will test your emotional limits and even some of your physical ones. Care to be scared?
New York, Los Angeles
*Adults 18+ Only*

An experience unlike any other, you have to sign a waiver before you enter this 18 and older haunted house. That waiver includes your approval for extreme horror, adult sexual content, tight spaces, darkness, fog, strobe light effects, exposure to water, physical contact, crawling and more. If you’re overwhelmed, there is a safe word for when things get too intense, and things will get intense. Even viewers who watched the Sundance documentary, “The Blackout Experience,” were scared without ever having to experience anything firsthand. Also, did we mention that you have to go it alone? Blackout will argue that the best kind of prize is a surprise.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Dent Schoolhouse
5963 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45248
*Parental Advisory Explicit Content*

If you still believe in ghost stories head over to the Dent School. It may seem like your average haunted house on the outside, but inside it’s home to Charlie the janitors spirit and the fifteen kids he murdered in the basement. Based on a true story, this haunted house is honoring their ghostly guest by making him the star of the show. For a small price of 20 dollars you can relive your childhood nightmares while running away from the janitor through a decaying lunchroom on prom night. Don’t you just love kids?

Haunted Hoochie At Dead Acres
13861 Broad Street SW
Pataskala, Ohio 43062
*Parental Advisory Explicit Content*

Upon entering this Haunted House you will encounter a sign reading, “risk of physical and emotional injury.” Reviewers wrote about being touched, shoved and even warned that you’ll probably come into contact with a chainsaw. But don’t worry, the last sentence of the sign reads, “This may be the best haunted house you’ve ever experienced. Have fun.” Are you having fun yet? For only 25 dollars you could be!

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Freakling Bros
4245 S Grand Canyon Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147
*Adults 18 + Only*

Ultimate thrill seekers look no further, the Freakling Brothers put on a show that reviewers have described as “intensely personal.” Tickets go for between $14 and $50 dollars for the houses Coven of 13, Gates of Hell and Castle Vampire. For additional scares, dare devils can sign up for the Victim Experience. “Victims” have reported being grabbed by the foot and dragged down a hallway as well as things like electric shock, firing squads, extreme physical contact, simulated drowning and so on. Their slogan is “You’re not ready.” Challenge accepted?

McKamey Manor
San Diego, California
*Adults 21+ Only*

Arguably the worst of the worst, McKamey Manor will take you on an 8 hour ride that offers extreme violence, edibles, immersion in hot water, haircuts, being covered in blood and a waiver upon entrance of course. One person even reported being shoved into a clothes dryer at one point. You might have even caught an episode about this haunted house on the Travel Channel’s Making Monsters and Halloween’s Craziest. McKamey Manor is only asking for a small donation of 4 cans or 1 bag of dog food to feed their zombies….er, dogs. Be sure to grab a reservation before your next haircut.

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