Ask A Detroit Expert: Preparing For Fall Fashion

August 23, 2016 8:00 AM


Fall clothes shopping is a fun ritual for many people. However, before you shop, you may want to study the fall fashion trends to see if some of the items already in your closet still work. Some popular trends from last year, such as knee-high boots, are still hot. You may not have to buy as many new items as you think. Metro Detroit fashion experts Raffaella Medoro-Naurato, Evann Webb and Dana Frost provide tips on what to look for in 2016 fall fashion trends to create your best look.
Raffaella Medoro-Naurato
Raffaella Moda
Personal fashion consultant: Styling for men and women
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Raffaella Medoro-Naurato of Raffaella Moda is a certified personal fashion consultant who provides fashion styling and image consulting for both women and men. Born and raised in Italy, Raffaella first pursued a career as a professional pianist. After she moved to the United States with her family in 2000, she earned a Master’s degree in Liberal Arts from Wayne State University and then completed a certification program in fashion styling from the American College of Professional Styling. She then went on to teach History of Costume and Italian at Wayne State University. Now based in Metro Detroit, Raffaella provides fashion stylist services and image consulting for men and women of all ages. She also runs fashion and image workshops for businesses and organizations.

Add Some Color

Medoro-Naurato believes people will have fun with this year’s fall fashions. Fall trends include biker/bomber jackets with sequins and zippers, patent leather trench coats, white blouses, leggings, mini capes, leggings, chokers and turtle necks. Colors are rich and bright, such as burgundy, emerald green, ruby red and mustard yellow. Velvet fabric in rich colors are popular. Shiny textures are also in style. Purses match the material of outfits. Outfits include a lot of layering.

Not all trends are for everyone. “As a fashion consultant, I always recommend that my clients to make sure that the trend works with their wardrobe, body type, life style and personality,” says Medoro-Naurato.

Mix And Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and layer clothing and accessories. Few good pieces can create a new look. Medoro-Naurato says, “A little trick is buy a lightweight turtle neck and wear it under a floral dress with a biker jacket and boots.”

Look To Last Year

Some of last fall’s popular items are still in style. Ponchos, animal prints and over-knee boots are still hot. In fact, Medoro-Naurato recommends keeping certain summer and spring items around for layering in Michigan’s uncertain weather. Off-shoulder tops and floral dresses from the summer can still be worn during the fall.

White blouses are great for layering and mixing with different bottoms and accessories. “There is so much you can do with a good white blouse. You can go from workday to an evening out with it,” says Medoro-Naurato.

Jewelry Is Up To You

Should you go for the gold or silver jewelry? “Wear colors that look best on you according to your skin tone,” advises Medoro-Naurato.

A few well-chosen pieces are a good basis for building your fall wardrobe. Medoro-Naurato recommends, “A white blouse, a bomber jacket and mustard yellow trousers are good items to start with.”

When building your fall wardrobe, Medoro-Naurato says, “Less is better than quantity. So if you have few good quality pieces, make it work with accessories.

Evann Webb

Fashion blogger at Damsel in Detroit and Detroit Fashion News

Evann Webb is a Detroit native who graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in journalism and fashion design. She is the lead fashion blogger for Detroit Fashion News and also writes about her journey as a recent college graduate pursuing a fashion design career in her blog, Damsel in Detroit. She also works as a personal stylist at BCBGMAXAZRIA. She hopes to one day create her own fashion and lifestyle magazine the celebrates young women of color.

Bigger Is Better

Webb noticed fall fashion trends from New York Fashion Week that included big oversized sweaters, denim jackets, blazers, boots, platform shoes, short suede skirts, flare jeans and statement chokers. The runway featured ruffles, velvet material and blush pink with mustard yellow combinations. Models wore many skirts, tops and jackets with fringe.

Look in your closet to see what you can still use this fall. “Keep all of your sweaters and shoes. Hold onto your flare jeans. Leather satchels and cross-bodies are still popular. Knee-high boots and ankle boots are staples. You can never go wrong with an oversize sweater,” says Webb.

Denim Is A Basic

What type of items should every woman have in her closet? Webb recommends, “A good pair of mid-wash denim, a chunky knit scarf, a denim jacket, a wide brim hat and a turtle neck are good for fall. You also can’t go wrong with Ankle boots or knee-high boots. You want items for layering – bulky sweaters, ponchos or capes or blazer capes.”

Webb thinks the most important aspect of fashion is finding your own personal style. She advises, “Don’t focus too much on what you see on TV. Everything doesn’t have to be name-brand. Focus on what makes you most comfortable.”

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Dana Frost
Personal stylist Fashion Blogger

Dana Frost is a personal stylist and fashion blogger based in Metro Detroit. She decided to pursue her lifelong interest in fashion after a battle with cancer. She finds great joy in the art of fashion and wants to share that joy with others. Dana provides fashion stylist services and also gives fashion advice and Detroit fashion tips in her blog, Closet Confessional.

Check Out The Magazines

To learn more about fall fashion, Dana Frost recommends reading some of the major fashion publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and online fashion blogs. “I subscribe to most of the major fashion magazines (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, etc.) They are the best for seeing what the major trends will be. But I also love following fashion blogs to see how “real” people tie the trends into their everyday lives. Fashion blogs tend to show the trends in a more relatable and obtainable way than some of the major fashion publications.”

Don’t Get Rid Of Last Year’s Wardrobe

You can still wear some of last fall’s clothes and be in style. “People can definitely get use out of last year’s fall clothes! There will always be new trends on the runway, but most of the fall trends tend to be pretty consistent year after year — rich, textured fabrics, jewel tones and camel colors, etc. If you bought something you loved last year, don’t be afraid to keep wearing it this year. And even if you have something that was overly trendy a few seasons back, look for inspiration on how to modernize it.”

Frost talks about some of the current fall fashion trends. “Capes have been huge the last couple years, but this year we’ll see a slightly more modern variation with the capelet. These mini capes have been seen on everything from dresses to coats to blouses. There are also a lot of trends that will carry over from the summer, like 90s inspiration (think chokers and chunky sole shoes) and off the shoulder tops, so expect that see those continue into the cooler months. Burnt orange and lots of metallics are popping up regularly. And neutrals like camel and grey seem to regularly show up once the temperatures start to drop.”

You Are Your Best Consultant

Frost hopes people consider their own personal style over following a trend. “I think it’s really important to think about your own personal style first and trends second. You want to invest in pieces you can wear each season, not just the current one. That being said, some of the trends I’m loving and think are worth investing in are a shearling bomber jacket (especially for the cold fall days in Michigan), a pair of lux trousers (in either brocade or velvet) that can be worn to the office or dressed up for a cocktail event, and a vintage (or vintage inspired) beaded clutch.”

What types of clothing items should every woman have in her wardrobe this fall? “I’d say start with classic pieces, like a slim cut pantsuit. Together the items can be worn to the office or, if worn separately, they can be mixed with other wardrobe pieces, like pairing the blazer with jeans or the pants with an embellished top. I’d also suggest investing in the best pair of denim for your shape. Jeans are one of the most versatile wardrobe items and everyone should find a pair they feel great in. Lastly, I’d suggest a little black dress. Something that can be transformed with your accessories and worn from the office to a wedding. These are all great staples that will last season after season, but can also be easily paired with trendier items.”

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