Courtesy of Renee Yacoub and Ann-Marie George

Best friends Renee Yacoub and Ann-Marie George are the “Ray” and “Ann” behind Ray-Ann’s Wardrobe — the chic boutique that carries vintage, modern resale and new clothing. Both hardcore fashion lovers who are addicted to vintage clothing, they turned their dreams into reality when they opened their shop in August of 2012. Every piece is curated to reflect their vision of an exclusive wardrobe that is also affordable.

Renee Yacoub & Ann-Marie George
Ray-Ann’s Wardrobe
17340 Lahser Road
Detroit, MI 48219
(313) 244-4191

The stylish gals behind Ray-Ann’s Wardrobe have offered some fashion advice to college students who want to look like they stepped out of a magazine while walking around campus.

What are some essential pieces that every college student should have?

When we think college wardrobe, one word comes to mind… COMFORT! Walking around campus, sitting in class, carrying books; these are all things that we want to be comfortable while doing. The goal is being comfortable while still looking stylish.

One key piece is leggings. They can be paired with a tunic or large shirt and still look fab. Additional must-haves are jeans that fit well, basic tanks in a variety of colors, chic cardigans and ballet flats. They can be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up with a sundress. Lastly, the key to it all, accessories are imperative.

What are some hot trends that are perfect for college students?

Some hot trends on campus are color and printed denim, high-waist ensembles (shorts, jeans and trousers), fringe pieces, graphic tees and floral prints.

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Can you share some advice for those shopping on a budget?

Everyone is looking for a deal– us ladies are trying to stay fashionable and not break the bank. It’s 2013 and vintage/resale shopping is not for your grandma anymore. Resale shopping has always been smart but now it’s cool too… just ask American rapper Macklemore about his 2013 hit song “Thrift Shop.” You know the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

What are the must-have accessories for fall?

Accessories are our favorites. Must-haves for fall include scarves, cute boots (equestrian boots, combat boots or a pair of chunky ankle boots), satchel bags, embellished belts, necklaces, stacked bracelets (arm candy) and a fun watch. This fall’s color is emerald. Add that color to your accessory for fun.

What trends have you seen on the runway that students can easily translate into their wardrobe?

Some fun trends seen on the runway this year that college students can add to their wardrobe are stripes, floral, lace, puplum dresses/tops and color blocking. Remember, you don’t have to spend runway prices to look runway good.

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