Christmas is right around the corner. Have you purchased your holiday gifts? If not, then you are like many Americans who have waited too long. Fortunately, Peg Upmeyer from Arts & Scraps has your back in finding those last-minute ideas.
Peg Upmeyer
Arts & Scraps
16135 Harper Ave.
Detroit, MI 48224
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Peg Upmeyer, a former teacher, is a co-founder and director of Arts & Scraps, a 26-year-old nonprofit that recycles and re-imagines 28 tons of material each year and has inspired two million people of all ages to think, create and learn. Over time, she has watched and discussed the needs of adults and children from all walks of life.  Arts & Scraps is based around specific needs — affordable and interesting materials and open-ended project challenges that let a child express their ideas and provide positive reinforcement to build self-confidence. They serve creatives of all ages with material kits available at their east side community store.

Children’s Activities From Things You Own

Don’t overthink for the kids. Children can make things, and so can adults. A roll of aluminum foil for your kids alone provides hours of fun when making creatures of all kinds. Use scratch paper to make snowflakes or a greeting card ball. Check out some additional details and pictures.

Use Inexpensive Publications Materials

Arts & Scraps has inexpensive publications using materials from home for fun experiences. These materials are not necessarily finished products, but they can be used to creative gifts. Make items such as paper flower bouquets, airplanes or drawings. Check out additional details here.

Shared Activities

Visit Arts & Scraps for a great afternoon. Experience five interactive stations and a creative station. Take a scavenger hunt in the store to learn about recycling. Stuff a half grocery bag to take home while making many other fun and creative items. Cost: $10 per child.

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Creative Packs

Buy a creative pack from Arts & Scraps. For a group of one or four, the packs provide materials and a base idea — no two people of any age will make the same thing. Playing is fun for all ages; a three-year-old, fourteen-year-old, and their grandparent will all have a great time. Cost is $1 to $5 per project. Available online for shipping anywhere in the US or the community store.

Raw Materials

Give raw materials to the adult creatives in your life. Visit the Arts & Scraps community store and stuff a bag for $8 or choose from many single-priced creative materials. Fabric and yarn are only the beginning; hundreds of industrial castoffs make shopping very interesting.

Have A Creative Day 

Have a party! Celebrate as adults with Arts & Scraps at Night. Bring your own 21+ drinks & snacks, tour “behind the scenes” of the 13,000-square-foot facility and have a relaxed evening making creative items and supporting our educational programs. Get & give! The creative staff will help you find a theme that is fun for everyone. This is designed for the people who “didn’t know I could make something” to the very centered groups that bring their sewing machines to learn new things. Cost $20 per person, 10 person minimum, with custom dates. 

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