(credit: istock)

(credit: istock)

According to the fabulous Coco Chanel, fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Well, Detroiters know this and are living it on their fresh-to-death blogs on the subjects of fashion and style. All of our featured bloggers update fairly regularly and each has particular niches in their consumption or appreciation of fashion. A few of them may even be doing giveaways soon for readers.

Modest Street Fashion

The Modest Street Fashion blog is a collection of photographs curated by Detroit native Langston Hues. What started as a look into a decidedly more modest type of fashion in Detroit expanded into a worldwide endeavor to visually document ‘hijabistas’ (stylish Muslim women who cover much of their body while in the public arena). Modest SF brings forth an inside look into a 21st-century genesis of a “faith driven style” and it is one of only a few fashion blogs ran by a male.

Miss Monét

Promising not to be just another fashion blog, Miss Monet’s blogging content aims to “educate, highlight and encourage all in the name of style and fashion.” Aesthetically speaking, the blog look is very clean and minimal, possibly in order for the vibrant fashion photos to pop out from the text and interface of the site. The top navigation bar for the site features over 16 tabs that lead to a number of fashion themes and categories such as: Fashion Flashback/Flashforwards, Fashion & Film, Models and, of course, Shoes. It seems Miss Monet is here to stay.


Fashion blogger Bruna says she quickly had to learn how to dress herself out of the flip flops she wore in Sao Paulo, Brazil to more appropriate wear for the streets (and winters) of Detroit. But that works to your benefit since she started StyleMile, a fashion blog that suits her personal Brazilian flavor. The StyleMile blog is good in that it has a great combination of style and fashion along with personal stories and aspects of her life. She’s particularly great at finding sales and name brand items in local shops and stores and sharing the info. She cordially invites readers and subscribers to walk a mile, or more, with her in style.

Style Chick 360

Inez of Style Chic 360 offers a great exhibit of good taste, thrifty fashion and unique style. The woman is involved in a love affair with herself and her readers, as demonstrated by a series she has devoted for featuring her fans, making the Style Chic 360 blog spot a wonderful place to frequent. She makes trendy outfit pieces work for her body shape and even shows how anyone can style culottes. And if pictures alone aren’t enough, mosey on down to the stylechic360 Youtube channel to browse over two dozen fashion videos Inez has broadcast.

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Selective Potential

Selective Potential is kind of a big deal. Just recently, SP collaborated with the new JLove Fragrance, by the one and only JLo herself, in a challenge to style an outfit inspired by the new scent. Although the blogger is located in Grand Rapids, for the challenge, and probably others like it, she represents the city Detroit. Additionally, she travels to nearby states, taking her readers along for the fashion ride. The Selective Potential blog is one of the most prolific and on-point blogs you will find in the state of Michigan.

Metro Diva Pages

Our list wouldn’t be complete without at least an honorable mention of a rather informative blog. A self-proclaimed diva, Raquel blogs in a few places online as a freelance writer and lover of fashion. Content from Raquel ranges from seasonal must haves to Teen Vogue magazine features. Raquel knows her stuff — even CW50 loves her!

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