The Motor City is home to many classic flea markets, with some dating back further than others, though each with their own charm and advantages. Here are some of the best for Detroiters to check out on their next bargain hunt.
Fort Wayne Flea Market
6325 W. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 628-0796

This market is a true treasure of Detroit! Not only is the historic Fort Wayne Flea Market one of the coolest flea markets in all of the city, but when you’re done looking through all of the neat items available in the shops, you can take a tour of one of the country’s most historic forts in old Fort Wayne. Constructed in 1842, Fort Wayne is now a complete historic site that offers a glimpse into a world nearly two centuries old and offers plenty of great hard-to-find treasures within the flea market too. This is a trip well worth it not only for the treasures to be found, but also because of the sheer history one can experience!

The Eastern Market 
2934 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 833-9300

Well-known throughout southeast Michigan and much of the country as one of the nation’s oldest public markets, the Eastern Market is much more than just a localized set of shops for selling crops and food. The Eastern Market is home to one of the largest set of small shops in Michigan that also houses plenty of small locally-owned flea markets and stores too. No matter what you are looking for, odds are that someone has a shop open in the Eastern Market specializing in such goods. Hundreds of different shops with all sorts of interesting items can be found here, making it a true haven for flea market aficionados.

Dixieland Flea Market Place
2045 Dixie Highway
Waterford, MI  48328
(248) 338-3220

As the largest flea market in all of Oakland County, just outside of the city of Detroit, the Dixieland Flea Market Place has earned quite a reputation as a place to go when you’re looking to spend a few hours lost among hidden treasures from all over the globe. There are over 250 independent flea market merchants selling their wares all throughout this massive complex, each with their own unique brand of goods and items to peruse. They also host special weekend events, the details of which can be found on their website, which can make your buying experience all the more worth the trip.

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Royal Oak Farmers And Flea Market
316 E. 11 Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 246-3276

Much like the Eastern Market in Detroit, the Royal Oak Farmers and Flea Market is especially well-known for the shops filled with local farmer’s crops and foods made by talented artisans, but also like the Eastern Market, the market has a whole host of unique antiques and goods available through many small shops, as well. Open every Sunday throughout the summer and fall months, there are over 100 vendors with many selling fine items and unique knick-knacks that can only be found at a flea market.

Warren Community Flea Market
2300 E. 10 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48091
(586) 756-7660

Since 1992, this massive flea market complex known as the Warren Community Trade Center has become a hub of activity. With over 40,000 square feet of floor space for a countless number of vendors to spread out their goods, this location takes the cake in sheer size. For those on a budget, the Wayne Community Flea Market is also a great option to check out, as many of the dealers and shops have specials and discounts available. Every type of antique, coin store, furniture store and so much more can be found here.

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