Some gaze into crystal balls while others read palms or tarot cards. No matter the preferred approach, a fortune teller will impress guests with their amazing talents. Knock guests’ socks off at the next corporate event or holiday bash by having a fortune teller who will offer insight into their futures. Be prepared to be enlightened by one of the specialists listed below who each have the uncanny ability to look into the future with accurate precision that will leave everyone speechless.

Psychic Reading by Ronn
855 Colonial Court
Birmingham, MI 48009
(248) 593-9146

Meet with a rockstar of the clairvoyant set, Ronn, who has worked with big names in Hollywood and models and musicians too. He hails from three generations of mediums and his special talents have been honed from a young age. Multiple appearances on television as an expert in his field have led to the increased popularity of Psychic Reading by Ronn, so don’t wait to book his services. Tarot card reading are available for special events.

Richard Weber Intuitive Astrology
Ypsilanti, MI
(734) 434-0804

Richard Weber is an astrologer who provides great insight into life events of clients. His areas of expertise include financial issues and relationships, as well as milestones and general changes that occur throughout life. He provides astrological consultations and is adept at reading birth charts. This astrologer’s gifts make him a hit at parties, especially birthday parties.

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Sherrie Ellen’s Psychic Reading Room
Paris St.
Oakland County, MI 48382
(248) 444-9256

Sherrie Ellen is an eighth-generation medium and clairvoyant who is located in the Detroit area. Beginning as a young child, she knew she had been given a unique gift, which was cultivated by her grandmother when she was eight years old. She has used her talents on celebrities, music industry pros and even those in the law enforcement community. She does offer everything from tarot card readings to crystal ball gassings through her entertainment company, Traveling Psychics. Additional specialties for events include fortune tellers, numerologists and astrology readings for parties and corporate events.

Pauline Dettloff
Krystal Ball Online
(586) 939-4230

Pauline Dettloff of Krystal Ball Online is an expert in the psychic scene and offers an array of services for special events and occasions. Let her entertain guests at the next corporate party or holiday soiree. She can provide detailed palm readings and psychic tarot readings to kick the gathering up a notch. These specialty readings are available for parties and are a fantastic change for a birthday celebration, modern bachelorette party or family reunion.

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Patrick Webb 
Angels And Readings
(313) 451-2025

Patrick Webb of Angels and Readings specializes in medium and energy healing. He is also quite adept at giving insight into relationships and getting to the root of underlying issues which may prevent individuals from moving forward. He is skilled at energy healing on not only people and plants, but also a wide range of animals, especially household pets.

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