Take terrifying to a whole other level by visiting one of the best haunted houses in the Detroit area. The haunted houses feature live-action demons and ghouls, mazes filled with twists and turns and chilling sound effects that add to the horror. And remember, you can try to run…but you can’t hide.
The Realm of Darkness Haunted House + CarnEvil 3D
37 Turk St.
Pontiac, MI 48341
(248) 338-0029

Step inside a real haunted house where ghouls and goblins will scare the scream out of you at every turn. Use the clues to find the prize at the end – a sorcerer! From sound effects to the horrific decorations, The Realm of Darkness puts on a great show. An added bonus is that this haunted house is on an actual site known for its paranormal activity. Watch as the scare factor goes off the charts as professionals investigate the premises. This venue invites guests to conduct their own research at times when the business is closed. Just contact the hotline to place a request.

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Scarefest Scream Park
34111 28 Mile Road
Lenox Township, MI 48048
(586) 749-6666

The Scarefest Scream Park features 50 acres of scary. Terrifying costumes and realistic make-up will keep the crowd wondering if the ghouls are actually rising from the dead. A bunch of different attractions ranging from Muttonville Manor Haunted House and the Carnival of the Dead Haunted Forest to a Haunted Hayride of Doom and a Maze of Terror await. Experience gory scenes and crazy happenings. You might be tempted to run for your life from a gaggle of psycho killers and night stalkers that will be popping out from unexpected places. Calm your nerves by partaking in an adult drink, available on site. Be sure to catch the live entertainment, including music acts and DJs spinning as this wild and creepy event morphs into a full octane party.

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Erebus Haunted House
18 S. Perry St.
Pontiac, MI 48342
(248) 332-7884

Prepare to live your worst nightmares when you walk into the Erebus Haunted House. Enter into a four-story realm of terror that only demons could endure. Mortals prepare to be scared to the bone as petrifying ghouls lurk around, waiting to take you into their evil clutches. The costumes and make-up are incredible and it’s obvious it’s applied with great precision. Demons wander throughout in search of lost souls to collect while anatomic figures pounce on unsuspecting prey.

The Fear Factory
Gibraltar Trade Center
237 N. River Road
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 216-2291

The Fear Factory is 25,000 square feet of utter doom that must be seen to be believed. It’s so massive that it’s quite possible nobody will even hear your screams.This place will keep visitors on edge the entire time as they make their way from one fright to the next. There’s even a maze of horror – just hope you don’t get lost.

The Deadland Haunted House
20900 Dequindre Road
Warren, MI 48091
(248) 990-5424

If you have any type of health conditions, stay far, far away from The Deadland. This haunted house is so scary that it comes with a warning! This place is overflowing with gore and spooks that will make you scream with sheer horror. Navigate through fog and creepy lighting as your heart pounds a mile a minute. Terror is around every corner as ghouls lie in wait for their next victim (you) to wander through the nightmarish scene.

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