Detroit may be the world capital of the auto industry and the birthplace of the American motor scene, but more and more bicycles are becoming highly popular here in the Motor City. While bikes are great for getting around the city, perhaps to and from work or out to lunch, Detroiters also love to ride their mountain bikes, as well, and sometimes Woodward Avenue on a busy traffic day just doesn’t quite fit the bill. Here are some of the best places to take that mountain bike of yours when you need to really let it out.
The Maybury Singletrack

The Michigan Mountain Biking Association is well-known to bikers for their great work in keeping plenty of the trails throughout Southeastern Michigan clean and well-maintained. The Maybury Singletrack is one of the closest to the city of Detroit and is located in Northville. There are plenty of hills and wide lakes to weave your bike around and scene views, complete with twists, so keep your head up. This is an oft-used track, so while there may be some wear and tear between maintenance, the trail will always be clear.

Photo Credit: Michael Ferro

Photo Credit: Michael Ferro

Novi North Park At Lakeshore Park

The North Park at Novi’s Lakeshore Park is another well-maintained trail near the Detroit area that local residents have come to love. This track interweaves through a Christmas tree farm and an old fruit orchard, offering plenty of things to see, as well as a challenging course to navigate through. Spring months offer plenty of flower gardens for a pleasant ambiance and in all, there are over 500 acres of in this newly-renovated park. A great spot for bikers near the Novi area.

Island Lake Loops

At the trails near Island Lake in Brighton, which span nearly 15 miles of mountain biking trails, there are two separate paths for those who visit to try out. The Blue and Yellow Loops surround the lake and offer a gorgeous view of the water while still offering both a difficult course for some and a more moderate trail for others. This is a very popular trail with plenty of bikers at different times of the day, so a word of caution is advised to those who take these trails. It should be noted that these trails are popular for good reason, as the view is one of the best in Southeastern Michigan.

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Stony Creek Metropark Loop

With a 14-mile trail and plenty of side tracks, as well as one of the most beloved sets of beaches, forested areas, and rustic scenery in Metro Detroit, the Stony Creek Metropark has long been known to mountain bike enthusiasts as a top location just outside of Detroit. Much of the tracks here are treaded and there is 2.2 miles of singltrack and 2.7 miles of doubletrack to experiment with. The naturally rough and hilly landscape of Stony Creek also provides riders with a fun, but not altogether too challenging experience.

Bald Mountain Loops

In Lake Orion is a stunning 4,637-acre state park that is home to many of Southeastern Michigan’s steepest hills and most winding wilderness, which also makes it a perfect place for many of the area’s top mountain biking enthusiasts. The Bald Mountain Loops are two separate trails that not only offer hilly paths, but sand traps and high inclines to boot to really get your heart pumping. There are 7.5 miles of singletrack and nearly no doubletrack (0.2 miles). There are small inland lakes and a few rivers winding through these paths, but if water and the sight of a beautiful lake is your thing, this might not be the best course for you. Still, plenty of other great things here to make it a top track in Detroit.

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