The word photography means “drawing with light” and encompasses the art, science and practice of recording light. This craft has seduced artists for centuries. During the Renaissance, clever artisans used a pinhole technique to project objects onto paper so they could be traced. In 1500, three years before painting “The Mona Lisa,” Leonardo da Vinci documented a full description of the “camera obscura,” a prototype of modern photographic devices. The Godfather of Photography, Thomas Wedgwood, the son of Josiah Wedgwood, watched his father use chemicals to fix glazes on pottery – this inspired him to experiment with chemicals to fix images on canvas. In the book “Tom Wedgwood, the First Photographer: An Account of His Life” (1903), author Richard Buckley accounts how the blithe and gay Wedgwood became the patron of poets and artists. Modern artists who seek to hone their photographic skills will find patronage in these inspirational and delightful classes.

Robert DiTommaso Photography Studio and Training Center 
1794 Apple Ridge Court
Rochester Hills, MI 48306
(248) 608-8563
www.getshotbybob.comDiTommaso offers a wide range of classes for the precision-oriented photographer. Workshops are offered in comfortable environments and include some of these topics: Close-Up Photography Technical Training, Lightroom 4, Indoor Lighting with On-Camera and Off-Camera Flash, DSLR Photography and Fundamentals of Composition. DiTommaso is a favorite instructor for people who want to photograph flowers (close-up), fall colors and the beauty of nature. Some workshops are held in national parks or at Civil War re-enactment performances.

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Learn how to take a great photo by taking a few classes (Credit, Anton Anderssen)

Detroit Photography Training

23158 Oberliesen St.
Clinton Township, MI 48036
(586) 996-3686

Detroit Photography Training is a popular photography education vendor, offering unique classes to the community. Introductory classes cover composition, operating an automatic camera in manual mode and characteristic properties of light. Instruction covers the manipulation of aperture and shutter speed – these skills are the most difficult for new photographers to master. Students gain invaluable tips on switching lenses and handling equipment.

David Birdsong Photography
28 N. Saginaw St., Suite 905
Pontiac, MI 48342
(248) 505-5240
www.davidbirdsongphotography.comDavid Birdsong is known for his work in fashion and model photography. With almost 400 student photographers who follow him, Birdsong teaches how to get the best possible glamour photographs from a wide variety of cameras. Students learn how to design optimum lighting and work effectively with models. The experience is one that many won’t forget, and allows photographers from all walks to enjoy a great atmosphere.

Learn how to take a great photo by taking a few classes (Credit, Anton Anderssen)

Parker Creative Photography Co-op Studio

1719 N. Main St.
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(517) 444-1385

Parker creative photography is known for its work documenting desolate and dilapidated buildings in the ghettos of Detroit. The finished products, artsy and hip, are displayed at Fashionable Ferndale’s Rust Market, a sort of offline Etsy. In order to participate in some of the classes, students must sign waivers and be in a physical condition to navigate unstable footings. Popular workshops have included Abandoned Detroit Church Tours, How to Create a Professional Portfolio Website and Using WordPress.

Michigan Photo Adventures
www.meetup.comMichigan Photo Adventures is a Meetup group for photography enthusiasts who enjoy traveling to spectacular locations to capture amazing photos. It is perfect for experienced photographers who want to keep their skills sharp while discovering new landscapes and natural wonders. Past meetups include Tulip Time in Holland Michigan, Smoky Mountain National Park, Springtime in Charleston, Lake Michigan Lighthouses, Chicago’s Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade and The Plymouth Ice Festival.

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