Organic, frozen, kosher, brined, injected, smoked … There’s a lot to consider before committing to a turkey for your big holiday meal. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or just an extra special Sunday lunch with the relatives, make sure you head to one of the best places in Detroit to bag a turkey.

Ropertis Turkey Farm


Roperti’s Turkey Farm

34700 5 Mile Rd.
Livonia, MI 48154-2631
(734) 464-6546

Started in 1948, Roperti’s Turkey Farm is hard to miss on 5 mile. The fence is and turkey’s behind it are right next to the road. The birds have a nice big area to roam around with corn grown just for them to roost in and graze on. They recommend buying one pound of turkey for person. $3.29/lb fresh or $4.99/lb smoked. A smoked turkey sounds so convenient. Just pop it in the oven for an hour to warm it and you’re ready to eat!

John Henry's


John Henry’s
via Royal Oak Farmers Market

Millington, Mi
(989) 302-3366

This farm based in Millington, Mich. offers pickup at the Royal Oak Farmers Market on Tuesday Nov. 22. Katie Angeline recommends you order early for the best chance to get one of these pristine turkeys. They are never given any antibiotics, hormones and their pasture fed. Call Katie to place your order at (989) 302-3366. They also offer delivery to your door!

Hiday Farm


Hiday Farm
via Eastern Market

2948 12 Mile Rd.
Burlington, Mi. 49029
(517) 765-2268

Give Dan Hiday a call at (517) 765-2268 to place your order because they’ll all be gone soon! Pickup is at Eastern Market Shed 2 on Saturday Nov. 19 (7-3 p.m.). Dan says the turkeys are raised in a pasture environment and are broad-breasted. Most of the birds are 15-16 pounds and they max out around 20. $3.50/lb

Roeske Farms Turkeys


Roeske Farms

2656 Clark Lk.
Hartland, MI 48353
(810) 632-5737 

By the time the season rolls around the birds are usually 15 to 30 pounds each. They aren’t given any drugs or chemicals to speed their growth. Drop by and you might catch the staff conducting an exercise routine. Wouldn’t want the birds to get too lazy now. $2.79/lb for frozen and $2.95/lb for fresh

Supermarket Turkeys

If you’re not able to get your order in for a local turkey, no worries, simply head to your local Hiller’s store, Holiday Market or Westborn Market. Birds to look for include Diestel at $2.99/lb, Empire Kosher $3/lb, or Butterball at $1.59 – $1.79/lb. Whole Foods offers a bird for $4.99/lb. The holy grail of the turkey purist is called a heritage bird at $8-$12/lb. FYI, a heritage bird is basically one of the few types of turkeys that are untouched by selective breeding.

Tell us your Turkey story. where are you getting yours. What’s your recipe? Do you have a tip for juicy white meat? Please share!