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Kids love to create, and what could be more fun for children than painting a piece of artwork? Whether they make it themselves on the wheel, by coiling or painting a pre-made piece, there is nothing more fun than experimenting with colors. Detroit has some great studios that offer children of varying ages classes, workshops and special sessions during the summer or during breaks. Some sessions are created specifically for parents to join their kids in creating a piece of art and spending some valuable time together.

Pewabic Pottery 
10125 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48214
(313) 626-2000

Pewabic Pottery offers many different opportunities for kids to try their hand at ceramics. This historical landmark was founded in 1903 and is one of the premier ceramics museums, galleries and studios in the country. Both youth classes and workshops are taught in a studio space. Workshops are geared toward children from ages four to 16. Kids can create and paint different projects, depending on what session they attend, and parents are welcome to join in the fun alongside their budding artist. Camp sessions are held during breaks and summer vacation and are perfect for introducing creativity in a structured environment.

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Sugar Hill Clay
71 Garfield St.
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 831-6100

Sugar Hill Clay is a community-oriented ceramics studio. This airy art space features an Open Studio every Thursday night. All age ranges are welcome to attend, and parents and children can share an evening creating pottery together. Different ceramics projects are offered weekly, and include everything from throwing on the wheel to painting pre-fabricated pieces.

Creative Arts Studio 
114 W. 4th St.
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 544-2234

At the Creative Arts Studio, aspiring artists can pop in at any time to try their hand at ceramics. Kids can sign up for a class to learn everyone’s favorite: throwing on the wheel. Children can also paint a variety of pre-made pieces in whatever the favorite color is that day, or using every color available. Another opportunity smaller children will love is a mommy-and-me class. Kids can learn a new skill while spending time with parents or caregivers. The studio space is also available for birthday parties.

Michigan Art Center 
32129 Block St.
Garden City, MI 48135
(734) 266-3500

Although the Michigan Art Center offers a range of classes related to art, its main concentration centers around ceramics. The area available for children to create in is spacious enough for up to 12 students to take each class. Kids ages eight to 12 will have a fun and engaging experience learning different techniques used in ceramics. They will practice throwing on the wheel, hand building with clay and more. Students can then paint each piece with slips and glazes in a rainbow of colors. Classes are also offered during summer vacations, which is the perfect opportunity to introduce art to kids who have busy schedules throughout the school year, or for those who simply love creating.

Yourist Pottery Studio
1133 Broadway
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 662-4914

Kids clay classes are held after school at Yourist, and are taught by a professional who holds a Master of Fine Arts in ceramics. Students are instructed and given guidance, but are encouraged to find their own style to create a piece that reflects themselves. Kids learn hand-building techniques and how to throw on the wheel. This class is best suited for children from ages eight to about 11.

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