As a makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion consultant for celebrities, Jon Lieckfelt uses what many of his clients say is a “unique and rare” talent to work with some of the biggest names in film, music and television. Some of the celebrities he has worked are actress Kristin Chenoweth, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, R&B singer Aretha Franklin and actor Kevin Costner, just to name a few. At his studio in Birmingham, he uses Priss makeup products because he said “they work.” They are available for purchase on his website and in his studio. Lieckfelt shares what he thinks are some of the best spring beauty tips and trends to help women feel more confident and beautiful.

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Customized Makeup Session

Instead of having a drawer full of cosmetics that just don’t work, Jon says getting a customized makeup session is more affordable since getting it wrong adds up. With a minimum purchase of $200 in makeup at his studio, his clients also receive a complimentary makeup lesson. He says testing the Priss makeup products on his clients to get it just right in the first place will save money in the long run and will also bring back the intimacy to cosmetics, which he feels every woman deserves.


Jon says being tested for just the right color of foundation is crucial and will define the entire makeup palette. The Priss moisturizer that is applied before the foundation is a “cult favorite and helps to hide any imperfections.” The Priss foundation is “11 percent more pigmented without the weight of added coverage,” he comments. The number one concern he hears from women is that they don’t want to feel their foundation on their face and the Priss foundation is moisture rich and can be color customized and made for either oily or dry skin. Jon says because of the heightened pigmentation, the Priss foundation will last.

Lighter Lip Colors for Spring

Makeup makes a bit of a shift in the spring. He said it is lighter, more sheer and fresher. Since it is not about the jewel tones anymore or heavier fabrics used in winter, it’s all about feeling lighter, “almost like a rebirth.” Using different shades of pink, orange and purple lipstick are back and Jon says they can look really stunning and help to brighten up a woman’s face.

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Eyeshadow, Mascara, Eyebrows and Eyeliner

Jon starts every eye he does with a neutral or peachy pink tone all over the entire eyelid, and then you can apply whatever color you want. It is the peach color that lightens up the eye. Jon advises not to be afraid of mascara, saying “when you think you are done, put two more coats on.” Unless Jon is applying makeup for a smokey eye, he never puts black on the lower lid. Staying away from gray colors is important because those kinds of colors make a woman look tired. Eyebrows are not a trendy thing and Jon believes the best method is to tweeze your own eyebrows which will give brows a natural and beautiful look.

Blush for Cheeks

Staying away from colors such as browns, plums and other dark colors is important during spring. Selecting a mauve, peach or primary orange color looks more like the color of a face actually blushing. It will look so beautiful and natural.

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