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To celebrate the opening of New York City’s new Whitney Museum, in Chelsea, Foursquare welcomes two art experts to the On the Pin podcast: Molly Gottschalk, associate editor of and Kinjil Mathur, VP Marketing at Foursquare, and former CMO of Artspace. The duo, along with co-hosts Dennis Crowley, Foursquare co-founder and CEO, and editor-at-large Sarah Spagnolo sit down to share what’s cool and new in the art world today.

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First up, we get an insider’s perspective on the new Whitney Museum of American Art, courtesy of Gottschalk who took a friends and family preview tour in late April. Listen to the podcast for her tip on the best vantage point for a perfect-for-Instagram photo opp. She also shares her favorite galleries, including James Fuentes on Delancey Street, in the Lower East Side; Half Gallery, in a townhouse on 78th street; and Brooklyn’s Clearing Gallery and The Journal Gallery on N. 1st Street, in Williamsburg. Gottschalk’s No. 1 favorite? The diminutive 55 Gansevoort, a block from the Whitney. Blink and you’ll miss it. (Though you can also hit up The 15 Best Art Galleries in New York.) Gottschalk’s other highlight-of-the-week was a bulls-eye in her BDDW archery league. Competitions take place in the stylish BDDW furniture store in SoHo, New York, and Crowley is on a rival team.

Mathur’s most recent art experience took place in Miami: a tour of the Rubell Family Collection. The pioneering Rubell collection includes the family’s vast trove of contemporary art from past and present: works from the East Village in the 1980s to modern art made in Brooklyn now.

Mathur shares her favorite local museums and galleries too, which include the Brooklyn Museum (in winter, pair a tour with happy hour at Maison Premiere, or in summer, with Tex-Mex at Lobo, in Park Slope, one of The 15 Best Places for Margaritas in Brooklyn). In Manhattan, Mathur pairs MOMA with La Grenouille, for a bottle of wine and cheese souffle, and the MET or the Guggenheim Museum with cocktails at the Mark Hotel or dinner at Campagnola, on 74th and 1st. For galleries, she has her eye on places that spotlight women artists, such as the Marian Goodman Gallery, Marianne Boesky, and Susan Inglett. And end a day in Chelsea, she says, with El Quinto Pino, for tapas. For more top gallery choices in NYC, go to The 15 Best Places for Exhibits in New York City.

How does digital art fit into the picture? That question is top of mind for Crowley, as he shares his obsession with an Electric Objects digital art frame—a kickstarter project that he supports. To see some digital art in person, he recommends a stop at the Redwood Room at the Clift Hotel, in San Francisco.

The podcast ends with an art-themed game of Jeopardy and the reasons why late-night at MOMA P.S. 1, in Long Island City, New York, is the place to be. So be sure to listen in.

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By Sarah Spagnolo, Foursquare’s editor-at-large