Cedar Point is an amusement park located within driving distance of Detroit, in Sandusky, Ohio. Simply take I-75 South for approximately 100 miles. Families living in the region have been going for generations, and it keeps getting better ever year. Visit the nearby beach for some fun in the sun, or spend the day splashing around at the adjacent water park. Cedar Point has expanded from its original opening in 1870, adding more rides and attractions as the years go by. Couples can find fun and romance while friends and family will make memories that will last a lifetime.
Cedar Point
1 Cedar Point Drive
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 627-2350
The Thrill of a Lifetime

Thrill seekers will feel right at home on one of Cedar Point’s many roller coasters and attractions. Try the maXair, which will spin you around, and just when you thought you couldn’t take another moment, will twist and turn you some more. Not for the faint of heart, try the Slingshot only if you are a serious daredevil. This attraction will shoot you into the air, making people feel like they will never reach solid ground again. With 17, and counting, roller coasters to choose from, there are plenty of options for all ranges of capabilities. Check out the most extreme by visiting the Magnum XL-20. At the pinnacle of this coaster, riders can see Canada from their seat. The wooden roller coaster isn’t called the Mean Streak for no reason. You will partake in one mean ride as the tracks whip into a frenzy with its jerking motions and extreme drops. The Wicked Twister will take riders on a crazy adventure with terror at every angle, then drop you straight down. Please use the park map available here for a layout of the park and to plan your visit.

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Pint-Sized Fun

Children aren’t too little to experience the thrill of their lives at Cedar Point. The park features a special kid section in an adjacent, separate area. In this spot, children can ride attractions more suitable for their size and height requirements, while still having a blast. Kids can ride motorized vehicles, motorcycles, helicopters or airplanes. Navigate a rocket ship or a coast around on a dune buggy. Please visit the website for specific age and height requirements prior to purchasing tickets.

Splashing Around – Water Attractions & Soak City Waterpark

Bring beach towels and a change of clothes, because Cedar Point has tons of water-soaking action to enjoy. There are two ways to enjoy water rides: choose from three rides included with tickets to the amusement park itself, or purchase an additional ticket to Soak City Waterpark. This ticketed waterpark gives guests access to wave pools and adventure areas, splash parks, water slides and a lazy river. Whoosh through tunnels or get splashed as you speed down a flume.

That’s Entertainment!

Between the musical performances from live bands, ice capades featuring popular kids characters and musicals, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Check the schedule to see when the country or rock band will hit the stage, or to find out when the light show begins. There are family-friendly options for all ages to enjoy, including sing-alongs, dance shows and more.

(credit: cedarpoint.com)

(credit: cedarpoint.com)

Snack Attack!

Throughout the course of the day, between walking around, standing in line and expending tons of energy screaming, everyone will get hungry. Have no fear, there are plenty of options available to grab a bite to eat or a snack to munch on. There are many options for those with dietary restrictions, adults or pint-sized picky eaters, including restaurants that serve more than typical theme-park fare. Check out the list of options available here.

A Good Night’s Sleep
Hotel Breakers
1 Cedar Point Drive
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 627-2106

When deciding to stay overnight or for the entire weekend, there are an array of hotels located nearby that make shuttling back and forth a breeze. Some accommodations offer rooms, while others feature suites. Even cottages are available at a campground within a close proximity of the theme park. The Hotel Breakers is located adjacent to Cedar Point, making it the perfect place to stay for its ease. The hotel has two pools, easy access to the beach and even offers guests discounted theme park tickets.

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