kids-running-springRobert Gardner is the Wellness Coordinator and a Personal Trainer at the Boll Family YMCA. He has worked at this location since 2008. Mr. Gardner obtained a Bachelor of Science from Wayne State in Exercise Science. Additionally, he is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and holds a TRX Certificate.Mr. Gardner shared his best ways to keep children active and healthy throughout the winter:

“I took my top three ideas for kids to be able to do if they can’t go outside but still want to get active! Chiildhood obesity is definitely growing and all these things will help burn calories, build self esteem and potentially learn a new skill.”

Get involved in playing a sport or activity
Boll Family YMCA
1401 Broadway
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 309-9622
“There are many different options for kids to get involved indoors including basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts or even swimming. All of these are great ways to get your body moving, learn a skill and meet other kids. Some local gyms and recreation centers will offer leagues or open recreation times. The YMCA has free baseball clinics, youth basketball clinics and swim lessons for youth to get involved with over the winter.”The Boll Family YMCA is a branch of the YMCA of Metro Detroit. The Boll Family YMCA is an exceptional facility that offers a wide range of activities, classes and much more for the whole family. The YMCA has locations in many areas, click here to find the branch in your area.RelatedBest Used Sporting Goods Stores in the Detroit Area
Take your child to the gym/fitness center with you
Summit on the Park
46000 Summit Parkway
Canton, MI 48188
(734) 394-5460
“Winter is the time for resolutions and goals for adults, so bring your child along. Although there may be age limits to use equipment or weights, look at the other options. Including your child in your own fitness can be a tool to bond and teach healthy habits. The lessons may stick if it’s something that is done together. Many gyms and wellness centers have kid friendly classes, children’s fitness programs and it never hurts to teach a child bodyweight exercises such as jumping jacks, squats and push-ups (just so long as the parent is doing them correctly).”
Summit on the Park is a community center that offers classes for children and their parents. It features both an aquatic and fitness center within the facility, as well as a gymnasium on the premises.

Be creative at home
Detroit Metroparks
Huron-Clinton Metroparks
(800) 477-2757
“Don’t be afraid to use a little imagination and fun. Set up an obstacle course, play a fun game such as hide and seek or use technology that stresses movement such as Wii-Fit. It never hurts to bring out a fun game such as twister to break the inactivity that may set in during the winter months. Let the kids create their own games or combine traditional games with different movements or activities.”

Located in our backyard is the Huron-Clinton Metroparks. If cabin fever sets in at home, take Mr. Gardner’s tip above and bring it outside for a day — using one of the regional Metroparks. This community-oriented park system includes 13 parks spanning 25,000 acres around the Detroit Metro area. Winter sports activities are offered at various locations. Click here for a full list of winter activities.

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