Fleece & Thank You was inspired by a friend Sophie, 4 years old and battling neuroblastoma. At a time in her life when she should be playing with dolls and meeting new friends, Sophie was taking trips to the hospital to battle one of the toughest forms of childhood cancer- this meant many rounds of difficult chemotherapy treatments involving multiple overnight stays in the hospital. Sophie had her childhood stolen from her, and it is our goal to provide hope and comfort to all children like Sophie facing the disconnection of hospital treatments. Our founder, Nicholas Kristock, saw this disconnection and needed to do something about it, and that is where Fleece & Thank You was born.

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First Forecast Weather October 20, 2020 (Tonight)Wet weather returns.
Dr. Fauci's Boss Has A Stern Warning About A Second Surge And Why Wearing A Mask Isn’t A Political IssueDr. Oz asks Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, what he would say to people who are still averse to wearing masks. 
True Crime: 25 Years After O.J. Was Acquitted Of Killing His Ex-Wife Nicole Brown Simpson And Ron GoldmanDr. Oz asks Tanya Brown why she thinks her sister Nicole didn’t tell her about the abuse she went through.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: How Long Do Antibodies Last?We learned new details about the first confirmed reinfection of Covid-19 here in the U.S. It’s left many wondering - how is this even possible...and what about antibodies?
First Forecast Weather October 20, 2020 (Today)Dry conditions won't last long.
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First Forecast Weather October 19, 2020 (Tonight)Chances for rain continues.
Family Feud Question of the Day 10-19Watch Family Feud Weeknights at 7 & 7:30 on CBS 62
Daily Covid-19 Minute: How Long Does Covid Last On Surfaces?It’s been one of the biggest questions of this pandemic: How long can the novel coronavirus live on surfaces? 
Gov. Whitmer: Trump 'Inciting' Domestic TerrorismWhitmer says Trump 'inciting' domestic terrorism as Trump campaign adviser dismisses President's incendiary rhetoric as 'having fun' at rallies.
Michigan Matters: VotersWith little over two weeks remaining in Election 2020, CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” puts a focus on voters and what they need to know to stay safe and make sure their votes are counted as two experts --- Christina Schlitt and David Dulio appear to discuss those issues.
First Forecast Tonight- Saturday October 17, 2020First Forecast
Great Lakes Ghost Hunters Offer Paranormal Investigations For Anyone Looking For A Good ScareBrenda Ozog, Founder of the Great Lakes Ghost Hunters of Michigan, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about her 10 years paranormal investigating. 
Dr. Oz Asks Actress Patricia Heaton Why She Says Right Now Is The Time To Reinvent YourselfDr. Oz asks the beloved sitcom mom what motivated her to rethink her health and give up bread, alcohol, and burrata.
Actress Patricia Heaton Opens Up To Dr. Oz About Why She Made The Choice To Quit DrinkingToday, two-time Emmy award-winning actress Patricia Heaton reveals how she found her second act in life and why right now is the time to reinvent yourself.  She opens up to Dr. Oz about her biggest struggles during the pandemic, like being unemployed and how she conquered her fears, making room to embrace something different.
Dr. Oz And Virus Hunter Dr. Ian Lipkin Discuss Some Symptoms Of AFM Parents Should Be On The Lookout For This FallThis Fall, the CDC anticipates a peak in cases of AFM, a mysterious polio-like illness that seems like a common cold but is leaving some children paralyzed and fighting for their lives.  Dr. Oz breaks down what you need to know.
Medical Mystery: What You Need To Know About The Child Paralyzing Disease Experts Are Worried Will Come Back This FallDr. Oz speaks to one mother whose daughter was in the hospital for ten days fighting for her life against AFM.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Is It Safe To Fly?Today - new information on airplane safety in the middle of the global pandemic.
Family Feud Question of the Day 10-16Watch Family Feud Weeknights at 7 & 7:30 on CBS 62.
Bacon-Scented Face Masks | Hormel Food Making Them, And Donating MealsBacon-Scented Face Masks | Hormel Food Making Them, And Donating Meals

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