If you live in Livonia, you might notice a change to your water soon.

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First Forecast Tonight- Saturday April 4, 2020First Forecast
First Forecast Weather April 4, 2020 (Today)A chance of showers today.
Gas Prices Drop: Michigan Gas Prices Average $1.65 This WeekAs of Thursday, the average price of gas in Michigan was a dollar and 65 cents, according to the Detroit Free Press.
Layoffs At The Henry Ford Museum: 80% Of Staff Given Temporary Unpaid Leave; Pay Cuts For OthersNearly 1,400 staff at the Henry Ford Museum are being temporarily let go, according to the Detroit News. 
GM, Honda Partner To Create Electric Cars Using GM's Battery TechnologyGeneral Motors is partnering up with Honda to make electric cars.
Detroit Bus Driver Dies From COVID-19; Posted Video About Coughing RiderOn March 17 drivers with the Detroit Department of Transportation walked off the job and refused to drive, over COVID-19 concerns.
President Trump Makes Remarks On The Rising Coronavirus Cases In MichiganThe rising cases in Michigan and Detroit were called out by President Donald Trump Thursday during a press conference as he looked at all the states and their responses. 
Detroit Receives Fast Testing Kits, Can Test For COVID-19 In 15 Minutes, For First RespondersDetroit is ramping up its fight against COVID-19 with new fast testing kits.
Stay At Home Enforcement: Here’s A Look At The New Penalties For Violating Executive OrderMichigan is taking more aggressive steps to keep people at home after officials say many are ignoring their orders.
First Forecast Weather April 3, 2020 (Tonight)Clear and dry overnight, but it won't last long.
Dr. Oz Asks Captain Amersbach Of The USNS Comfort The Precautions Taken To Ensure COVID-19 Is Not Spread On Board. Dr. Oz speaks with Captain Patrick Amersbach of the USNS Comfort, the naval ship turned hospital in New York City Harbor.  What precautions are Captain Amersbach and his crew taking to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t spread to the ship?
The Coronavirus Pandemic: Inside The USNS Comfort As It Sees First Patients In NYC EpicenterCaptain Amersbach of the USNS Comfort tells Dr. Oz about the ship's medical capabilities.
Dr. Oz And Dr. Colyer Discuss The Use Of Hydroxychloroquine As A Prophylactic Approach For Health Care WorkersDr. Colyer describes how he’s using research from China to inform his patient treatment plan, and describes whether his patients are presenting any side effects from the drugs.
Detroit Photographer Q&A: Jon DeBoer xDetroit is full of beautiful architecture and historic buildings, providing the perfect landscape for Detroit photographer Jon DeBoer.
Dr. Oz Speaks To Former Kansas Governor And Physician, Dr. Jeff Colyer Who Is Treating His Patients HydroxychloroquineDr. Oz asks Dr. Colyer how he would respond to other colleagues who are showing apprehension with prescribing the possible treatment plan to their patients.
The Coronavirus Pandemic: U.S. Doctor Shares New Results Of How Covid-19 Patients Are Doing On HydroxychloroquineDr. Oz asks Dr. Colyer how he is using information from a Chinese study in his patient’s treatment plans.
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Unemployment Benefits Claims Skyrocket In MichiganClaims for unemployment benefits continued to skyrocket in Michigan last week during the coronavirus pandemic, when 311,000 people filed initial applications — more than double from the previous week.
Gov. Whitmer Suspends In-Person Learning For Rest Of School YearOn Thursday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer officially suspended in-person learning at K-12 schools for the rest of the school year across the state, unless restrictions are lifted.

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