Ask A Desk-pert: Drew & Tom on Attending An Ex’s Wedding

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Ask A Desk-pert: Drew & Tom on Attending An Ex’s WeddingAsk A Desk-pert: Drew & Tom on Attending An Ex’s Wedding
Drew & Tom on Their Honeymoon In Ireland & Seeing Each Other In Person After 20 YearsDrew & Tom on their honeymoon in ireland & seeing each other in person after 20 years.
Tom Green Joins Drew In Studio For A Special Edition of Drew’s NewsTom Green joins Drew in studio for a special edition of Drew’s News
True Crime: Gabby Petito Murder: Natalee Holloway’s Mom Speaks Out On What It’s Like To Seek Justice For Your DaughterDr. Oz asks Beth Holloway how she thinks the Petito family feels now that the FBI confirmed the skeletal remains found belong to Brian Laundrie.
Alec Baldwin Shooting Aftermath: Weapon Safety Expert Steve Wolf Tells Dr. Oz About The Limitations Of A Prop GunWeapon safety expert Steve Wolf tells Dr. Oz about the limitations of a prop gun.
Alec Baldwin Shooting Aftermath: Brandon Lee’s Sister Asks How This Could Happen Again After Her Brother’s DeathBrandon Lee’s sister Shannon speaks out on the change she hopes to see in Hollywood.
Nick Cannon Chats With DWTS Judge Carrie Ann Inaba About Her ‘In Living Color’ Days and Gives Her Dating StatusTalk show host Nick Cannon chats with DWTS Judge Carrie Ann Inaba about her ‘In Living Color’ ‘Fly Girl’ days and she also gives nick an inside scoop on her dating status.
Paul Anka Puts His Head On Oz’s ShoulderLegendary singer Paul Anka shares his thoughts on retirement. 
Dr. Sampson Davis Tells Dr. Oz About The Various Things He's Had To Remove From People's Bodies In The E.R.Dr. Sampson Davis tells Dr. Oz about the various things he's had to remove from people's bodies in the E.R.
Dr. Kenny Banh Tells Dr. Oz About One Patient Who Thought A Five-Foot-Tapeworm Was His Intestines Coming Out Of His BodyDr. Kenny Banh tells Dr. Oz about one patient who thought a five-foot-tapeworm was his intestines coming out of his body. 
“You Won’t Believe What We’ve Seen!” E.R. Doctors Reveal Their Most Shocking CasesOne medical student tells Dr. Oz some of the most shocking items that you've actually seen stuck inside somebody
Michigan Matters: Entertainment, Regional Issues, and Herman MooreSenior Producer/Host Carol Cain talks with Nancy Tellem, Exec Chair and Chief Media Officer of Eko, a media company, who moved to Michigan with husband --Pistons Exec Arn Tellem – and just opened BasBlue to empower women in Detroit. Then Cain talks with Wayne County Commissioner Chair Alisha Bell about issues before the region. And former Detroit Lions star Herman Moore, CEO of Team 84, LLC , talks about closing the health gap between people of color in a new initiative along with Johnson & Johnson.
Casey Anthony’s Mom, Cindy Anthony Reacts To The News That Brian Laundrie’s Remains May Have Been FoundCasey Anthony’s mom, Cindy Anthony reacts to the news that Brian Laundrie’s remains may have been found. 
Nancy Grace Weighs In On The Fact That These Items And Remains Were Found In An Area Brian’s Parents Told Them To SearchNancy Grace weighs in on the fact that these items and remains were found in an area Brian’s parents told them to search.
Brian Laundrie’s Remains Found In Florida: What’s Next In Gabby Petito Case?Dr. Oz asks Dog the Bounty Hunter why he thinks the last two pages of Brian Laundrie’s notebook could be the most important.
Superstar Jamie Foxx Shares A Story About His Grandmother Being His First Acting Teacher With Nick CannonSuperstar Jamie Foxx shares a story about his grandmother being his first acting teacher with Nick.
Nick Cannon And Superstar Jamie Foxx Chat About His Daughter Bringing A Date To His HouseNick Cannon and superstar Jamie Foxx chat about his daughter bringing a date to his house.
Inside Ronald Reagan’s Last Days: His Daughter On The Alzheimer’s Struggle You Didn’t SeeDr. Oz and Ronald Reagan’s daughter discuss their parent’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.
True Crime: Inside The Desperate Search For A Missing 24-Year-Old Geologist: What Happened To Daniel Robinson?The father of a missing geologist opens up to Dr. Oz about the search for his son.
True Crime: Inside The Desperate Search For A Missing 24-Year-Old Geologist: What Happened To Daniel Robinson?Mara Schiavocampo and Dr. Oz discuss details about the mysterious disappearance of a 24-year-old geologist.
The Shocking True Story Of The Woman Accused Of Being A “Real-Life Gone Girl”: What Is The Truth Behind Her Kidnapping?Denise Huskins tells Dr. Oz how she felt when authorities thought she orchestrated her own kidnapping.
Nick Cannon Welcomes Arizona Woman Who Gave Birth To A Baby Boy Weighing Over 14 Lbs And 24” LongTalk show host Nick Cannon welcomes Cary Patonai, a Glendale, Arizona woman who gave birth to a baby boy weighing over 14 pounds and 24 inches long.
Dr. Oz And Dr. Jen Caudle Discuss Where We Are With Booster Approval For Moderna And The J&J VaccinesDr. Oz and Dr. Jen Caudle discuss where we are with booster approval for Moderna and the J&J vaccines.
Booster Confusion: So Who Should Really Get Their 3Rd Shot?Dr. Oz asks Dr. Jen Caudle about how her patients are reacting to their booster shots. 

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