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Today On Drew! Tom Selleck, Gucci Westman, Drew’s NewsToday On Drew! Tom Selleck, Gucci Westman, Drew’s News
Escaping NXIVM: India Oxenberg Speaks Out About The Abuse And Horrors She Endured Inside The CultToday, India Oxenberg speaks out about the psychological, physical, and sexual abuse she experienced during her seven years in NXIVM.  She opens up to Dr. Oz about how she was lured into the sex cult at just 19, enslaved, and branded with Keith Raniere’s initials. India’s mother, Catherine Oxenberg, also tells Dr. Oz about her desperate journey to free her daughter and how it feels finally seeing Keith Raniere sentenced.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Ketchup ShortageThroughout the pandemic there have been shortages of many household staples including toilet paper, sanitizing wipes, and paper towels to name a few. But the latest to fall short of demand is ketchup! Ketchup retail sales were over $1 billion dollars in 2020, about 15% higher than 2019. What would account for the spike? First, many restaurants switched over to delivery during the pandemic and handed out ketchup packets to customers with their food. Ketchup packets were also used by diners at restaurants because the CDC advised against using shared ketchup bottles. Heinz, which holds nearly 70% of the US retail market for ketchup, says they’re playing catch-up. They’re opening two new manufacturing lines this month and hope to increase production by 25% over the course of 2021. Meaning they’ll be making more than 12 billion ketchup packets a year. So, for all the ketchup lovers out there, do not fear. Help is on the way.
Eye On Detroit - Third Man RecordsThird Man Records is an independent record label founded by Jack White in Detroit, Michigan, in 2001.
Today On Drew! Kyra Sedgwick, Beauty Backgrounder: Nail Polish, Sawyer SpielbergToday On Drew! Kyra Sedgwick, Beauty Backgrounder: Nail Polish, Sawyer Spielberg
Dr. Hotez's Message To Those Who Have Already Received The Johnson & Johnson VaccineThe U.S. pauses use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine over blood clot concerns. Dr. Hotez's message to those who have already received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
Oz Alert: The U.S. Pauses Use Of J&J Vaccine Over Blood Clot ConcernsDr. Oz asks Dr. Hotez what are the warning signs of a blood clot that you should look out for if you’ve received a J&J vaccine.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: CDC Guidance On Disinfecting SurfacesThe CDC has updated their guidance on disinfecting surfaces in regards to covid now finding the risk of getting infected with this coronavirus from a surface is very low, probably less than 1 in 10,000. As a result, there is no need to be routinely wiping down high-touch surfaces with disinfectant wipes or sprays instead a once-a-day cleaning with plain old soap or detergent should do just fine. There is one exception however, the CDC says disinfecting products should be used indoors if there has been a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 within the last 24 hours. Over time potentially infected spaces become safer because the virus can’t survive for long. After about 72 hours, the risk of infection drops to near 0%.
Eye On Detroit - Tough As Nails FinalePreview of CBS' Tough As Nails season finale.
Demi Lovato, Vanity Makeover with Celebrity Designer Mikel Welch, Zanna Roberts Rossi, Today On Drew!Demi Lovato, Vanity Makeover with Celebrity Designer Mikel Welch, Zanna Roberts Rossi, Today On Drew!
Tiger King Update: Jeff Lowe Believes He Was Poisoned Following A Sudden StrokeTiger King star Jeff Lowe and his wife tell Dr. Oz about the night he claims he was poisoned.
Today On Drew! Beauty Week: Part Deux Kick-Off with Lena Dunham, Meredith Koop Makeover, Sharon ChuterToday On Drew! Beauty Week: Part Deux Kick-Off with Lena Dunham, Meredith Koop Makeover, Sharon Chuter
Dr. Oz Breaks Teams Up With Vaccine Hunters To Reveal Their Fail-Proof Hacks For Getting Vaccine Appointments OnlineDr. Oz and Mara Schiavocampo explain how Facebook and Twitter can help you find available vaccine appointments. 
Vaccine Hunters: Savvy Experts Show You How To Get The VaccineDr. Oz and Mara Schiavocampo discuss how aggregator websites can help you scan your neighborhood for available vaccine doses. 
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Vaccine HuntersPresident Biden has announced that all adults will be eligible for the vaccine by April 19th. You or a loved one will soon be signing up for an appointment online. These can be hard to come by, so here are some tips on how to get a vaccine appointment: First, find out what time appointments are released each day. One way to do this is to follow vaccine groups on Facebook and Twitter. Members often share when new vaccine appointments become available in real time. Next, make sure you have a “push” notification on for all of the vaccine groups you’re following. That way, you’ll be notified when appointments become available. And finally, set up autofill on your internet browser. This allows you to store information like your name, email address, home address, and phone number. When it comes time to sign up for your appointment, your computer will be able to fill it in by itself which will be fast and save you time.
Michigan Matters: Politics and CivilityOn this week’s Michigan Matters --- it’s a conversation about civility in politics with Susy Avery, Peter Bhatia & Randy Richardville. Plus, Entrepreneur William Pickard talks about a new scholarship program to help young people learn about agriculture.
Today On Drew! Bobby Flay, Lily-Rose Depp, Don’t Buy It, D-I-Y ItToday On Drew! Bobby Flay, Lily-Rose Depp, Don’t Buy It, D-I-Y It
“Cake Boss” Star Buddy Valastro On Being Impaled Multiple Times In A Scene Right Out Of A Horror Movie"Cake Boss" star Buddy Valastro tells Dr. Oz about the moment his hand was impaled by a machine in his home bowling alley. 
Daily Covid-19 Minute: UK VariantThere has been warnings for momths about the spread of Covid-19 variants here in the U.S. and now one of them has become the dominant strain of the. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, confirmed the UK strain of Covid-19 is now the most common version of the virus in the U.S. She believes this is what is driving the recent spike in cases, especially among young people. The UK strain is believed to be more transmissible. Somewhere between 50 and 100%, according to Walensky and may also be more lethal. However, all three vaccines, from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, have all proven effective against the UK strain of this virus.
Eye On Detroit - Canine To FiveA love for Detroit, entrepreneurship and dogs inspired Liz Blondy to found Canine to Five Detroit – the Metro Detroit Area’s finest dog daycare, boarding and grooming facility – back in 2005. Now, years later, Canine to Five has become a staple in Detroit Culture and, through its commitment to dogs and their owners, has grown to include a second location in Ferndale. It’s where dogs go to have fun, but also learn socialization skills that will last them their entire life and burn energy through play and engagement.
Today On Drew! Josh Groban, D-I-Y Kid Craft, Cooking with FaridehToday On Drew! Josh Groban, D-I-Y Kid Craft, Cooking with Farideh
Vaccine Hesitancy:Dr. Oz Visits The Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Marathon Vaccination Clinic Helping To Get Philly VaccinatedDr. Oz speaks to Dr. Stanford, one of the leaders of the Black Doctors Covid Consortium in Philadelphia, about the success of their vaccination program.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: CDC Travel GuidelinesThe CDC now says people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 can travel safely within the United States. The agency now has evidence that fully vaccinated individuals are less likely to get Covid-19 and spread it to others. Vaccinated travelers do not need to get tested for covid before or after traveling and don’t self-quarantine upon returning home. Some precautions are still in place and the CDC says even vaccinated individuals should wear a mask, stay six feet away from others, and often wash their hands. This applies to fully vaccinated people as well. That means it’s been two weeks since your second shot for Pfizer and Moderna or two weeks since your Johnson & Johnson shot.
Eye On Detroit - The CongregationThe existing structure was built in 1924 after a small chapel for the congregation of St. Luke’s Evangelical Church had a fire and burnt to the ground in 1917. It took a number of years after the fire for the congregation to secure financing due to the high prices during the war period. Eventually the property fell into the hands of the Home Mission Board and Church Extension Society of the United Lutheran Church in America. From there, they worked towards securing the funding to erect the church structure that is standing here today. It was built by Spier and Gehrke Architects to become the Unity English Lutheran Church. This church stands the true test of time. One block North of the origination of the 1967 Rebellion, the church remained intact and undisturbed. At some point between the 1950s and 1960s, the original stained glass feature window was removed and blocked up. The goal when restoring and renovating the structure was to install a modern interpretation of what once was there. The new feature window installed in early 2020, is a stainless steel art piece built by The Nordin Brothers of Detroit. While the interior of the building has remained structurally the same, The Congregation has put their focus on preserving the integrity, historical detail and finishes of the space. Great efforts were taken to restore all original stained glass double-hung windows, original maple flooring, and a 150 year old organ to ensure the interior space maintains its original feel of a church. The organ, a major focal point of the interior, originally built by Samuel Russell Warren around 1870 for St Thomas Belleville, Ontario and rebuilt by Casavant in the early 1900’s, still stands tall in the Northwest corner of the main room. It made its way to this Detroit building sometime in the 1940’s or 1950’s.

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