Today On Drew! Chris Jackson, Divorce Registry, Ali WentworthToday On Drew! Chris Jackson, Divorce Registry, Ali Wentworth
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Covid OriginsThe World Health Organization has released their report detailing the most likely origins of the virus that causes Covid-19. The organization considered four scenarios and concluded the most likely version was the virus transmitted from bats to humans via an intermediate animal host, for instance, a wild animal captured and then raised on a farm. The WHO did not determine what that intermediate animal might be. The next most likely scenario in their opinion would be direct transmission from an animal to humans. Next, the WHO says it’s unlikely, but possible the virus spread to humans from frozen food. Finally, the report says is “extremely unlikely” that the virus came from a lab even though former CDC director Robert Redfield thinks this is the case. This report is just the beginning and there’s more to be discovered because researchers were given limited access by the Chinese government. Expect to see follow-up studies on where this virus originated from.
Today On Drew! Spring Cleaning Hour!, Seth Meyers, Danny Seo, Gayle KingToday On Drew! Spring Cleaning Hour!, Seth Meyers, Danny Seo, Gayle King
True Crime: Long Island Killer: The Chilling 911 Call That Launched The Gilgo Beach Murder Investigation 10 Years AgoDr. Oz and the Gilbert family attorney discuss the discrepancies between the recording of Shannon’s 911 call and what police reported. 
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Real-World Vaccine DataNew data proves the Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines work extremely well in real world conditions. This from the CDC who followed over four thousand healthcare workers for 13 weeks. Among the 2500 of them who got vaccinated there were only 11 cases of covid, eight who were partially vaccinated, and three who were fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people were 90% less likely to get infected with covid and partially vaccinated individuals were 80% less likely to get sick two weeks after their first vaccine dose. Sometimes vaccines perform better in the lab than they do in real world settings but now there is more proof that the mrna vaccines are extremely effective.
Today On Drew! Kenan Thompson, Julian Dennison, Wildflower Electrician, Tiki BarberToday On Drew! Kenan Thompson, Julian Dennison, Wildflower Electrician, Tiki Barber
William Shatner: On How He Believes Oz Saved Him During A Health Emergency When He Was About To PerformLegendary actor William Shatner recounts when Dr. Oz helped rush him to the hospital on the opening night of his one-man show.
True Crime: Disgraced Fashion Tycoon Behind Bars: Allegations Of Drugging, Trafficking And Sexual AssaultOne of Nygard’s alleged victims tells Dr. Oz how she first met Peter Nygard. 
Today On Drew! Giada De Laurentiis, Chris Appleton, Drew Gooder: Good Deeds Store Follow UpToday On Drew! Giada De Laurentiis, Chris Appleton, Drew Gooder: Good Deeds Store Follow Up
Caught On Tape: Suzanne Somers Opens Up About Her Shocking Home InvasionSuzanne Somers tells Dr. Oz what was going through her mind as she realized there was a shirtless intruder in her home.
Oz Investigates: Instant Soups And RamensDr. Oz reveals a simple hack to make instant soup healthier.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Lingering Covid SymptomsWhen it comes to covid, one of the biggest unknowns is how long symptoms will linger. While some people only experience them for a couple of weeks others are struggling for months. A new study may show hospitalized patients might have a longer recovery. According to a new preprint study nearly 70% of previously hospitalized covid patients still had symptoms five months out from their initial diagnosis with most experiencing an average of nine ongoing symptoms at that time. This includes aching muscles, fatigue, physically slowing down, impaired sleep quality and joint pain. It’s not just physical symptoms as well. More than a quarter of patients in this area had the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Clearly, covid is not just a disease that affects your lungs, it affects your entire body.
Michigan Matters: Canada and Great Lakes BusinessSenior Producer/Host Carol Cain talks Enbridge Executive Ryan Duffy about its aging Pipeline 5 under the Mackinac Straits and plans to replace it, and Jim Lively, of Oil & Water, who wants it shut down. We also discuss the important relationship between Michigan and Canada with former Michigan Governor and U.S. Ambassador to Canada James P. Blanchard and Canadian Consul General Joseph Comartin.
Dr. Oz And Mara Schiavocampo Reveal A Hack To Cut Even More Calories When Getting A Sandwich To-Go On The System 21 PlanDieting can be hard in itself, but it’s even more daunting to find diet-friendly meals when on the go or grabbing takeaway.  We’ve got you covered with our System 21 guide for Oz-approved drive-thru and takeout meals that won’t ruin your diet.  From options at your local sandwich shop to your favorite burger place and even taco Tuesday, Dr. Oz helps you hack the menu so you can make the right choice for your health and waistline.
System 21: Oz-Approved Drive-Thru & Take-Out Meals That Won’t Ruin Your DietDr. Oz and Mara Schiavocampo break down how to enjoy a fast-food burger the System 21 way. 
Covid-19 Headquarters: Should We Delay The Second Dose Of The Vaccine To Get More People Vaccinated Quickly?Dr. Ashish Jha tells Dr. Oz why he believes delaying a second dose could help save more lives.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Regeneron’s Antibody CocktailDrug maker Regeneron has just released data from their phase 3 clinical trial showing their antibody cocktail, when given to high-risk, non-hospitalized covid patients, reduces the risk of hospitalization and death by 70%. This antibody cocktail also reduced the duration of symptoms by four days in those who got it versus placebo. In addition, the FDA updated their fact sheet on Regeneron’s antibody cocktail to reflect how well it works against different strains of covid. The agency says this antibody cocktail retains its potency against all major strains of the virus, including those from the UK, Brazil, South Africa, California and New York. Ask your doctor about getting monoclonal antibody treatment if you or a loved one gets Covid-19 and are at risk of becoming severely ill.
Virtual Meetings Leads To Makeup Industries Newest Customer… MenHours of virtual meetings every day have professionals trying to look their best on camera. And now, the makeup industry has a new target customer: men.
Is Your Home Security Camera Making You Safe Or Putting You At Risk? Dr. Oz hears what one mother went through when she discovered her home cameras were hacked.
Today On Drew! Khloe Kardashian, Heidi Gardner, Stans for Stains: TikTok Cleaning Hacks Edition, Drew-GooderToday On Drew! Khloe Kardashian, Heidi Gardner, Stans for Stains: TikTok Cleaning Hacks Edition, Drew-Gooder
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Astrazeneca VaccineDrugmaker AstraZeneca announced some promising results from their phase 3 covid vaccine trial reporting their vaccine was 79% effective in preventing symptomatic covid and 100% effective in preventing severe covid including hospitalization and death. Additionally, those who had at least one dose of the vaccine in the trial reported any blood clotting events which was a concern that led some EU countries to temporarily pause giving out the vaccine earlier this month. But the concern over this vaccine continues as an independent review board associated with the NIH raised some concerns saying AstraZeneca may have included some outdated information in their trial, altering the efficacy they reported. Now, the company plans to reanalyze their data and release results by the end of this week.
Western Michigan University Still Plans on 75% Of Classes Return In Person This FallWestern Michigan University isn't letting this spring surge buck their plans for Broncos returning to campus in the fall.
Today On Drew! Sara Gilbert, Ben Feldman, Stans For Stains: Laundry Stripping, Dr. Aliza PressmanToday On Drew! Sara Gilbert, Ben Feldman, Stans For Stains: Laundry Stripping, Dr. Aliza Pressman
Covid-19 Headquarters: I Got The Vaccine...Now What Can I Do?Dr. Oz asks Dr. Ashish Jha for his opinion on the safety of traveling for fully vaccinated people.

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