Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Reboot 50 First Dates for 2020Lucy (Drew Barrymore) wakes up to husband Henry's (Adam Sandler) routine message to remind her of what's been going on the past 16 years she can't remember, including who's president and a pandemic.
Drew Barrymore Goes Full Clover as Gabrielle Union Confirms Bring It On SequelGabrielle Union talks to Drew about the 20th anniversary of Bring It On and its upcoming sequel, learning to let go as she's become the dreaded "hovering" parent and her kid-friendly snack Bitsys.
Vili Fualaau Talks About How He Never Expected To Fall In Love With Someone 20 Years OlderVili Fualaau Talks about how he never expected to fall in love with someone 20 years older.
Jane Fonda and Drew Discuss Swearing Off MenJane Fonda talks to Drew about swearing off men, having a disco room for parties, and amplifying important causes and voices.
Dr. Oz and D.L. Hughley Discuss How The Comedic Legend Is Feeling After Recovering From COVID-19Dr. Oz speaks to comedic legend D.L. Hughley about discovering he had COVID-19 after passing out on stage in June.  He tells Dr. Oz about not experiencing the classic symptoms of the virus, putting the health of his family in jeopardy, and how he’s feeling now.
Dr. Oz Asks Vili Fualaau If He And Mary Kay Ever Talked About Life Without HerHe opens up to Dr. Oz like never before, about the ups and downs of their relationship, how their children are coping, and if he believes he was a victim all those years ago.
Police Seek Suspect In Fatal Shooting On Detroit's West SidePolice Seek Suspect In Fatal Shooting On Detroit's West Side
The Last Days Of Mary Kay Letourneau: Exclusive With Her Husband Vili FualaauToday, in an exclusive interview, Vili breaks his silence about Mary Kay’s private battle with colon cancer and the time he spent at her side during her final days.
Dr. Phil Exclusive: ‘Mother God’s’ Followers and Alleged Victims Face OffAmy says she is “Mother God” and can heal the world with her group, Love Has Won. Her sister Chelsea does not think Amy is a deity, but alleges that she is a brainwashed “cult leader” who abandoned her family years ago and is putting other people’s lives at risk.
One Good Thing: More Black Doctors CampaignDr. Jennifer Caudle explains how the background of your doctor plays a role in your level of care. 
Dr. Oz Investigates Racial Bias At Hospitals And Doctor’s Offices All Around The Country.Dr. Oz speaks to one mother whose desperate cries for her son in the hospital drew worldwide attention.
Why One Mother’s Cries Are Bringing Outrage And Change To Bias At Your HospitalDr. Oz asks Jessica if she agrees with the statement: Doctors are to Black women what police officers are to Black men.
‘Mother God’s’ Followers and Alleged Victims Face OffIn a Dr. Phil exclusive, Dr. Phil continues speaking with a family who claims they were torn apart because of an organization that professes love.
Bias At Your Hospital: Why One Mother’s Cries Are Bringing Outrage And ChangeToday, Dr. Oz takes a closer look at the role bias plays in healthcare and how it can not only be harmful but can also be deadly.
Michigan Matters: Joe Biden and John JamesWith Election 2020 hitting its stride, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden and U.S. Republican Senate Candidate James James appear on “Michigan Matters” to discuss key issues.
Celebrity Superfan Takeover: Tia MowryIt’s Celebrity Superfan Takeover! Today, best-selling author, chef, sitcom icon, and famous twin Tia Mowry joins Dr. Oz for the full hour!
Mystery House: What This Medium Found Inside This Centuries-Old Home.Today, Dr. Oz takes a closer look at the chilling encounters one family experienced in the home they say has been plagued by spirits for nearly 40 years.  With so many reports of paranormal activity and even rumors of a suicide, medium Anna Raimondi goes inside the NJ house to investigate.  She reports back on what she experienced and what she believes is haunting the property.
OUR STORY! The Making Of The Drew Barrymore Show!Drew Barrymore takes fans behind the scenes of the year-long journey to bring The Drew Barrymore Show to life, from conception to the September 14th premiere!
True Crime Exclusive: The Chris Watts Letters: Why He Says His Family Would Still Be Alive If He Hadn't Met His MistressChris Watts is currently serving five life sentences for brutally killing his wife, unborn child, and two daughters. Today, Dr. Oz sits down exclusively with Cherlyn, a woman who’s been receiving prison letters from Chris Watts and even visited him behind bars.
Michigan Matters: Health Leaders on PandemicAs the Covid-19 crisis continues, two health experts appear on CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” to offer insights into the pandemic and the road ahead as students return to school and businesses continue to reopen.
Michigan Matters: Whitmer on Biden-Harris Ticket, Road Ahead In Race For The White HouseFresh from her speech at the Democratic National Convention. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took time to talk about prospects for the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidential ticket during taping of Michigan Matters. Then David Dulio, Director of the Center for Civic Engagement at Oakland University, talked about the two virtual political conventions – held for the first time that way amid the pandemic.
VIDEO: Police Seek Suspect In Fatal Hit-And-Run On Detroit's West SideVIDEO: Police Seek Suspect In Fatal Hit-And-Run On Detroit's West Side
Food Fact Check: Eggs - The Answer To The “Are Eggs Healthy” DebateThere is no shortage of questions when it comes to eggs: Are they still bad for your cholesterol or heart?  Are they protein heroes you should eat every day, and what about the yolk?
Food Fact Check: Does Cooking In The Microwave Kill All The Nutrients In My Food?When it comes to cooking, reheating or defrosting, your microwave is undeniably convenient and gets the job done, but could it be too good to be true?

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