Dr. Oz Gives Joe’s Wife Barbara A Chance To Talk To Officer For The First Time Since Helping To Save Her Husband’s LifeDr. Oz provides Joe’s wife Barbara with a chance to talk to Officer Croissant for the first time since helping to save her husband’s life.
Joe’s Wife Barbara Tells Dr. Oz About The Helplessness She Felt When Her Husband Collapsed In Newark Airport. Last week, Dr. Oz made national headlines after helping to revive a man named Joe who suffered a heart attack and suddenly collapsed in Newark airport.  Some say that Dr. Oz was in the right place at the right time, but it’s important to remember that cardiac arrest can happen anytime, anywhere, and anyone is capable of saving a life.  Today, Dr. Oz is reunited with Joe’s wife to get an update on how he is recovering since the incident and what lifestyle changes this has inspired the couple to make.
Dr. Oz Helps Save A Life At The Airport: Why Now Is The Time For You To Learn How To Do Cpr And Use A DefibrillatorDr. Oz’s daughter describes the moment when Joe came back to life after collapsing near her in Newark Airport.
Today On Drew, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dawn Russell, Jermaine Fowler!Today On Drew, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dawn Russell, Jermaine Fowler!
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Covid-19 PassportCould Covid-19 passports soon become a part of our new normal? if New York City is a trendsetter, the answer may be yes.
Eye On Detroit - SkinnyTeesThe Woman Behind skinnytees Linda Schlesinger-Wagner is truly the heart and soul of the skinnytees brand. With a passion and work ethic that has driven her through times of challenge, Linda is no stranger to adversity and struggle. skinnytees came to be during her difficult life transition of divorce and has grown to become a beacon of hope and light for both Linda and the many women whose hearts her creations have touched throughout the years. Linda's sincere desire to help women and children derives from a deep sense of compassion that echoes many of her own personal experiences. skinnytees is the embodiment of Linda's desire to make every women feel special, gorgeous and accepted, no matter age or body type. For the love of women - all women!
Michigan Matters: COVID-19 VaccineSenior Producer/Host Carol Cain talks with Alex Gorsky ,Chairman & CEO of Johnson & Johnson, about their new Covid-19 vaccine, health inequity and his Michigan connections. Then Bob Riney, COO of Henry Ford Health System, discusses its role in the J & J and Moderna vaccines, and what lies ahead in healthcare changes.
Exclusive: Jon Gosselin And The Dangerous Blood Clot That Put Him Back In The HospitalJon Gosselin tells Dr. Oz about when he got a call from his doctor telling him to go to the ER immediately. 
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Combating The VariantsToday, Dr. Anthony Fauci released a 4-pronged plan as to how we’re going to conquer the variants spreading coast to coast.
Today on Drew, Travis Barker, Kelly Marie Tran, Design By Drew: Homeless to Homeowner, Drew’s News!Today on Drew, Travis Barker, Kelly Marie Tran, Design By Drew: Homeless to Homeowner, Drew’s News!
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Johnson & Johnson And Merck PartnershipBreaking news from the Biden administration: Every adult American who wants a vaccine will be able to get one by the end of May, two months ahead of schedule!
Daily Covid-19 Minute: ReinfectionToday, some positive news for the millions of Americans who’ve recovered from Covid-19.
Dr. Oz Explains Two Ways The Covid Virus Could Affect Your BrainDr. Drew Pinsky on surviving covid and concerns over his lasting symptoms.
Dr. Drew Pinsky On Surviving Covid And Concerns Over His Lasting SymptomsDr. Oz asks Dr. Drew to describe some of the neurologic symptoms of COVID-19 he struggled with.
Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Shot; Dogs Stolen: Pandemic Demand For Dogs Leads To Scary Rise In Violent Attacks To Steal DogsRetired police officer Tim Harrison tells Dr. Oz about the outrageous rise he has seen in pet thefts over the years.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: New York StrainThere is a new, troubling strain of coronavirus circulating in New York City at an alarming rate.
Covid-19 Headquarters: Dr. Jen Ashton Tells Dr. Oz The Items That Everyone Should Stock In Their Medicine CabinetDr. Jen Ashton tells Dr. Oz the items that everyone should stock in their medicine cabinet.
Covid-19 Headquarters: What You Need To Know About The New J&J Vaccine, A New York Variant, And Life After CovidDr. Jen Ashton and Dr. Oz discuss side effects associated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: J&J Approved VaccineBreaking news: Johnson and Johnson’s covid vaccine has been granted emergency use authorization by the fda making it the third vaccine to get the green light from the agency.
Michigan Matters: Black History Month and MLKSenior Producer/Host Carol Cain talks with Rabbi Robert Hirsch, a national civil right leader who marched and worked with ML King, and also his daughter, Oakland Univ President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz. She talks about her $250,000 gift to OU for inclusion. Then Neil A. Barclay, President & CEO of Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, talks about the cultural institution and BHM, while Jamon Jordan, Historian at Black Scroll Network History & Tours, discusses ML King, Rosa Parks, Rev. Franklin and Detroit’s place in the Civil Rights movement.
Dr. Oz Asks Dr. Uché Blackstock What We Can Do To Help Minority Communities Feel Comfortable Getting VaccinatedDr. Oz asks Dr. Uché Blackstock what we can do to help minority communities feel comfortable getting vaccinated.
Dr. Uché Blackstock Explains Why We Need To Change The Narrative About Institutional TrustworthinessDr. Oz and his experts are tackling your vaccine hesitancy head-on by answering the most pressing questions with the latest science and straight answers.
Vaccine Hesitancy: Your Questions And Fears About The Vaccine AnsweredDr. Oz asks Dr. Uché Blackstock about the vaccine’s effect on different races.
Al Roker On His Cancer Recovery And Getting The Covid VaccineDr. Oz and Al Roker discuss why it’s important not to delay doctor’s appointments.

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