Microwave Meal Tricks To Stretch Your Meals, Your Time And Feed EveryoneDr. Oz and Ali Rosen show you how to make a healthy dessert in minutes using the microwave.
Dog The Bounty Hunter: A Year After Engagement, How Dog & Francie’s Love Helped Confront Dog’s Past DemonsDr. Oz asks Dog the Bounty Hunter about the dark periods of his childhood.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Lost Vaccine CardMore than 50% of U.S. adults have now received at least one shot of the covid vaccine. But what happens if you lose your vaccine card? If you still have your vaccine card in your possession, take a photo of it and put the original in a safe place, like what you would do to protect your social security card. You can laminate it as well, but this may complicate things if you need a booster shot in the future that needs to get added to the card. So, laminating a photocopy of the vaccine card might be a better idea. What do you do if you already lost your card? The best bet is to go back to the site where you were originally vaccinated to try to get a replacement. When you go, make sure you bring your ID with you. It’s also helpful if you can remember the day you got your vaccine. If that doesn’t work, try contacting your state’s immunization registry. They usually keep an electronic record of everyone who has gotten a vaccine. You can find this information on the CDC website.
Michigan Matters: PNC and Alice CooperRocker Alice Cooper talks about his Motor City roots, his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career, a new album about Detroit, and finding the best garage band in America through a contest.
Susan Lucci On Getting Vaccinated And Being Separated From Her 104-Year-Old Mother For A Year Due To CovidSusan Lucci tells Dr. Oz how grateful she felt after receiving her COVID-19 vaccine. 
Dr. Oz And Finance Expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox Tell What Grocery Items You Should Leave Behind On The 30-Day Debt DietDr. Oz and finance expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox break down what grocery items you should leave behind on the 30-day Debt Diet. 
The Superstar Money Summit: The 30-Day Debt DietDr. Oz and personal finance expert Ric Edelman explain what intermittent money-fast days are and how they can help lower debt. 
Daily Covid-19 Minute: CDC Middle SeatsA new CDC study shows blocking middle seats on airplanes could reduce your risk of being exposed to covid by over 50%. Using a computer model to simulate how aerosols disperse on airplanes, researchers found when middle seats were vacant, covid exposure decreased anywhere from 23 to 57%. However, the study comes with two important caveats. First, the study does not consider the use of masks which have to be used on a plane and second, it focused on exposure to, not the transmission of, Covid-19. The study comes as most major airlines have stopped blocking middle seats; a practice implemented at the start of the pandemic. Delta is the last holdout and will end this practice by May 1st. Now, airlines are fighting back against the study, saying they have implemented many different measures to prevent virus spread on planes including face mask requirements, preflight health checks, enhanced disinfection protocols, and hospital-grade ventilation systems.
Eye On Detroit - Black Business AllianceThe Mission of the Black Business Alliance is to develop programs and advocate for policies that result in profitable and sustainable Black-Owned Businesses that are connected to public and private economic opportunities while building trusted relationships.
Michigan Matters Alice Cooper Web ExtraRocker Alice Cooper talks about his Motor City roots, his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career, a new album about Detroit, and finding the best garage band in America through a contest.
Community Connect - Apolo Ohno Web ExtraCommunity Connect - Apolo Ohno Web Extra
Oprah Opens Up To Dr. Oz About Being Beaten By Her GrandmotherOprah opens up like never before and reveals some deep traumatic events in her childhood that affected who she is today.  In an emotional and candid interview, Oprah talks about growing up in an abusive family in Mississippi, including the time her grandmother gave her a very bad whipping for putting her fingers in a bucket of drinking water.
Eye On Detroit - Toney IslandDetroit Rapper Tone Tone's new coney island in Detroit
Oprah One-On-One: Oprah Reveals The Childhood Trauma She Kept Hidden Until NowThis Thursday, April 29th, Dr. Oz sits down with the one and only Oprah Winfrey in a very special episode. Dr. Oz and Oprah discuss the moment she heard the Derek Chauvin verdict.
The Leftover Pizza Hack Using A Waffle Maker That Blew Dr. Oz’s MindThe Leftover Pizza Hack Using A Waffle Maker That Blew Dr. Oz’s Mind
Frozen Vs. Take-Out Pizza – Which Will Win Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Food Showdown?Dr. Oz investigates the best method to store leftover pizza without losing its flavor. 
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Breakthrough InfectionsThe CDC has found it very unlikely you’ll get sick with Covid-19 once you are fully vaccinated. 77 million Americans who were fully vaccinated were looked at and 5800 went on to later develop covid. That’s an infection rate of .007 %. Of those who became sick 65% of them were women, and just over 40% were age 60 and older. These cases, known as breakthrough infections, are expected with any vaccine because no vaccine is 100% effective. But these numbers suggest a vaccine efficacy rate upwards of 95%. Plus, nearly a third of those infected were asymptomatic. That’s a sign that the vaccine could reduce the severity of the illness.
Eye On Detroit - Micah 6 CommunityPontiac is a comeback city, writing the story of its recovery. Micah 6 Community is doing their part by growing healthy food, making sure neighbors are known, kids are resourced, and services are accessible.
How One Woman Saved Her Neighbor's Life When She Found Him Struggling To Breathe On Her Doorstep Another survivor opens up about the moment he thought he was going to die when he stumbled to his neighbor’s doorstep choking and how she sprang into action and dislodged the food blocking the man’s airway.
Amazing Rescues Caught On TapeDr. Oz speaks to a man who survived a 70-foot fall from a highway overpass.
Eye On Detroit - Open ArmsOpen Arms is a free, values-based program dedicated to providing support to grieving children and their families.
Covid-19 Headquarters: Is It Safe To Travel Again?Dr. Seema Yasmin provides tips on how to travel safely if you are unvaccinated.
Covid-19 Headquarters: Are We Falling Behind In Covid-19 Treatments? Dr. Oz asks Dr. Mark McClellan if our focus on developing vaccines has minimized our focus on developing other treatments for those infected with COVID-19. 
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Pfizer BoosterA booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccine could be required within 12 months of your first dose according to Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla. The CEO said it’s likely we will need to be vaccinated annually against covid, much like the flu. The main concern is the emergence of variants that could escape our immune system. Researchers have been studying how long the vaccines work against coronavirus and to date have proven at least six months of protection. However, only time will tell if this lasts longer. Both Pfizer and Moderna are actively following vaccinated patients to see how long protection lasts. One positive sign is patients who were infected with SARS back in 2003 had sufficient antibody levels for up to 3 year

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