Family Feud Question of the Day - 11/18/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Eye On Detroit - Detroit Veterans Day ParadeSights and sounds from the 2019 Detroit Veterans Day Parade
Family Feud Question of the Day - 11/15/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Eye On Detroit - TedX DetroitHighlights from the recent TedX event in Detroit.
Paramedic Accused Of Cutting Diamond Ring Off Dead Patient’s FingerAn Arkansas paramedic was arrested Monday for allegedly cutting a 1.7-carat diamond ring from a deceased woman’s finger at a hospital and selling it at a pawnshop. Katie Johnston reports.
Family Feud Question of the Day - 11/14/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Cowboys-Lions Preview: Things Hinge On Matt Stafford's HealthSportsline senior NFL analyst Larry Hartstein takes a look at the Week 11 matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. He explains why the health of Lions QB Matt Stafford is a big key in deciding the spread. Katie Johnston reports. #DallasCowboys #DetroitLions
Giraffe gets hooves trimmedA giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo was treated for lameness by getting a trim for his hooves on Tuesday.
HypercarsMost people can only dream of owning a supercar because of the hefty price tag. But for those with deep pockets and a need for speed, hypercars are where it's at. Here is a look at a company that makes some of the fastest and most expensive cars.
Airport therapy pigAir travel can be nerve-racking. LiLou the therapy pig can help!
2020 CBS primetime premiere dates announcedCBS just announced the Winter 2020 primetime schedule including the premieres of Tommy and FBI Most Wanted. Returning shows include Survivor, Criminal Minds, MacGyver, and Undercover Boss.
Owl goes for ride on bikeGOING FOR A RIDE: This pet barn owl, named Mikoto, went for a ride on the handlebars of its owner's bike in Ichihara, Japan earlier this year.
Organic Food LabelsHealth-conscious food shoppers often want to know if what they're buying is organic and whether animals have been raised humanely. Consumer Reports rated the labels and claims you often see on products. Use this to tease to the on-air package on one of your newscasts.
Rare deer-like animal spottedSPOTTED: This is a silver-backed chevrotain, also known as the Vietnamese mouse-deer. Scientists rediscovered the species in Vietnam after more than 25 years, Global Wildlife Conservation said in a statement on Monday. The creature is about the size of a rabbit and typically weighs less than 10 pounds, according to GWC.
Possible meteor lights up skyWOW! A possible meteor lit up the sky around St. Louis, MO on Monday, according to CBS station KMOV. Check out these videos captured by doorbell cameras as the bright light streaks through the sky.
DACA 'home is here' chant"HOME IS HERE": Dozens of supporters of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program marched down the steps of the Supreme Court Tuesday, chanting "home is here." Justices heard arguments on the legality of the Trump administration ending DACA protections. President Obama used executive action to create the program that shields nearly 700,000 immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children from deportation.
Bison enjoys the snowSNOW DAY: 'Beefcake' the bison enjoyed the early taste of winter Monday, rolling around in the snow at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin.
Cheetah cuddles companionBATH TIME: Kris the cheetah cub cuddled up to her dog companion Remus, and gave him a bath last week at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Fog off Lake SuperiorSTEAM FOG: As temperatures drop across much of the United States, a phenomenon known as ‘steam fog’ could be seen Tuesday on Lake Superior near Duluth, MN. ‘Steam fog’ happens when cold air passes over warmer water. The air temperature in Duluth Tuesday dropped below zero, according to NOAA.
Eye on the Day For Wednesday November 13It's Wednesday, November 13. Here are the stories we're keeping our eye on: today marks the first public congressional impeachment hearing into President Trump, cold weather is gripping the country and a survey looks at the pressure to spend on holiday gifts.
Family Feud Question of the Day - 11/13/19Family Feud Question of the Day
A Look At Detroit's Recent WeatherIt was a snowfall for the record books in Detroit.

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