Eye on the Day for Thursday January 9, 2020EYE ON THE DAY: the White House is talking next steps regarding Iran, pictures of victims from the plane crash in Iran emerged, and Google adds new privacy features. But do they lessen your concerns?
Eye On Detroit - Plum HealthDirect Primary Care allows you to have a direct relationship with your doctor. For the equivalent of a monthly cell phone bill, you can receive direct, primary health care services that are tailored to your individual needs. From your annual check-up to urgent care needs to general questions about staying healthy, Direct Primary Care offers you access to care across a spectrum of needs.
Family Feud Question of the Day - 1/9/20Family Feud Question of the Day
CES Future of TransportationCES in Las Vegas is officially underway and it's not just computers and smartphones. Several automakers are revealing the vehicles of tomorrow.
Eye on the Day Wednesday, January 8, 2020EYE ON THE DAY: Iran fires missiles at U.S. airbases in act of revenge, a plane crash in Iran kills all on board, and Impossible Foods serves up pork products. Will you give them a try?
Family Feud Question of the Day - 1/8/20Family Feud Question of the Day
Eye on the Day for January 7, 2020U.S. officials are on alert for possible retaliation from Iran, wildfires continue to burn in Australia, and the taxi fleet that's taking to the skies. Would you try to catch a ride?
Preview of This Year’s CESIt used to be called the Consumer Electronics Show, but now it’s known simply known as CES. CES officially opens on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, but many companies are already showing off the latest in tech.
Family Feud Question of the Day - 1/7/20Family Feud Question of the Day
Cancer Survivors Have New Hope To Battle Insomnia.Many cancer survivors have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Now research shows a new approach can help them get a good night’s rest.
Eye on the Day for Monday, January 6, 2020EYE ON THE DAY: Iran threatens revenge after a U.S. airstrike kills a top general, fires continue in Australia, and a TV that mirrors how you hold your phone. Would you buy it?
Family Feud Question of the Day - 1/6/20Family Feud Question of the Day
Michigan Matters: Year End, Year AheadDenise Ilitch, Rocky Raczkowski and Charlie Beckham appeared with Host Carol Cain on CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” as they dived in on issues that will impact our region in 2020 including the presidential election, funding of Michigan’s crumbling roads and legalizing sports gambling.
Community Connect: New Year, New You 2020A New Year and a new you. “Community Connect” gives you tips and tricks to helping you keep your New Year’s resolutions for 2020.
Hawaii Five-0 & Magnum P.I. CrossoverIt’s the crossover fans of Hawaii Five-0 & Magnum P.I. have been waiting for!
End of the Year Michigan Matters Thank You 2019A look at the special guests on Michigan Matters throughout 2019. As well as a look at the employees on CBS 62 and the Crew of Michigan Matters.
Eye On The Future: Gearing Up for the Jobs of TomorrowJoin us as CBS 62 presents “Eye on the Future: Gearing Up for the Jobs of Tomorrow” – a 30-minute special airing 7 p.m. Saturday, December 28 as Carol Cain takes viewers on a fascinating ride across our region to talk with leaders at the forefront about this crucial conversation.
Community Connect: Holiday SightsToday on “Community Connect,” we highlight 2019 and unlock a couple of Downtown hot spots for your Holiday Season.
The DNA Diet: Let Science Tell You What To EatDNA tests are exploding in popularity as people try to learn more about their ancestry. Now - researchers in the UK say your biology can also tell you the best foods to eat for your body.
Detroit Native, Allee Willis, songwriter behind "Friends" theme, has died at 72Songwriter Allee Willis has died in Los Angeles. Willis was one of the music industry's most colorful characters, who brought a lot of joy to the world.
Eye on the Day for Friday, December 27, 2019It's Friday, December 27. Here are the stories we're keeping our eye on a plane crash in Kazakhstan, snow in Southern California, and Starbucks pop-up parties until the end of the year.
Zoo animals play with boxesWHAT’S IN THE BOX?: The day after Christmas is known as “Boxing Day” in many countries around the world. To mark the day, Denver Zoo shared this video on December 26th of their animals playing with boxes. The zoo said the boxes and other materials are biodegradable and the activity "stimulates foraging behaviors for hidden food!"
Roast Goose Digestion Run in GermanyHOLIDAY CALORIE BURN: Hundreds of people got together in Germany after Christmas to take part in the annual 'Roast Goose Digestion Run,' to burn off that Christmas dinner.
Rare Black Rhino Born At Michigan Zoo On Christmas Eve"It's a boy!" The Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan, welcomed a critically endangered black rhino calf into the world this week a true gift just in time for Christmas.

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