Family Feud Question of the Day - 10/25/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Family Feud Question of the Day - 10/24/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Family Feud Question of the Day - 10/23/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Michigan Matters: The Life of Aretha FranklinOn this week’s Michigan Matters… It’s a look back at the amazing life of Aretha Franklin – the Queen of Soul --- and her impact on the Motor City and the nation.
Eye On Detroit - Just SpeakJust Speak is an advocacy for healing-centered education that provides crisis support and resiliency programming for children and youth aged 3 to 17 years. Since 2003, Just Speak has held the survivor story as the connector for a network of trained advocates from a variety of disciplines. We believe that prevention, intervention, and awareness building based in play and creative expression leads to healthy socio-emotional skills, and ultimately, to a life of resiliency.
Family Feud Question of the Day - 10/22/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Family Feud Question of the Day - 10/21/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Street Beat: Fostering YouthOn this week’s “Street Beat,” host Lisa Germani learns about the current state of Foster Care and hears from people dedicated to making a difference for the youth in Metro Detroit.
Dog jumping on fenceJUMPING DOG! Lexi the dog demonstrated her impressive jumping ability in Lexington, Kentucky in a clip posted on social media earlier this week. Take a look at her skills as she looks at what's happening on the other side of the fence.
Stay in Barbie's Malibu DreamhouseFor two nights you can stay in Barbie’s Dreamhouse in Mailbu, California.
EXTRA National Pasta DayToday is National Pasta Day. Whether it's spaghetti, penne or macaroni... everyone's got a favorite type of pasta. Here are some of the most popular, according to
Zoo animals eating pumpkinsHALLOWEEN TREATS: The animals at ZSL London Zoo chowed down on Halloween treats Thursday. Here's a hungry Sumatran tiger, pygmy hippo and a ring-tailed lemur digging into carved pumpkins for the tasty treats tucked inside.
Eye on the Day for Friday, October 18It's Friday, October 18. Here are the stories we're keeping our eye on: Mick Mulvaney's comments about military aid to the Ukraine, Juul stops selling certain e-cigarette flavors and the chance to stay in Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse.
Eye On Detroit - Empowerment PlanIn the years since founding in 2012, Empowerment Plan has evolved from an idea in a college class into an internationally recognized workforce development organization. By pairing full time employment with a wide range of supportive services, they have helped dozens of individuals achieve financial stability and independence for the whole family. Their holistic approach addresses everything from housing and childcare to transportation, education and more.
Family Feud Question of the Day - 10/18/19Family Feud Question of the Day
Eye on the Day for Thursday, October 17It's Thursday, October 17. Here are the stories we're keeping our eye on: Rep. Elijah E. Cummings has died, Chicago teachers are striking today and a new gadget that combines tech and spirituality.
White House Chooses Christmas TreeDECK THE HALLS: The White House's official 2019 Christmas tree has been chosen from a farm in Northumberland County, PA! This 23-ft Douglas Fir from Mahantongo Valley Farms will be housed in the Blue Room, according to the PA Dept. of Agriculture. The tree will head to Washington in November.
The Detroit Zoo Celebrates HalloweenHALLOWEEN SNACKS: Animals at the Detroit Zoo got to celebrate Halloween a little early as part of the zoo's 'Smashing Pumpkins' event. Each year, zookeepers prepare seasonal snacks for the animals to 'smash' and enjoy.
Family Feud Question of the Day - 10/17/19Family Feud Question of the Day
NASA Unveils New SpacesuitNASA unveiled the new spacesuits astronauts will wear when they attempt to land on the moon in 2024. The suits are for the Artemis program that will put the first woman on the lunar surface.
Morgan the Crocodile gets into the Halloween spirit.WATCH: Morgan the crocodile got in the Halloween spirit last week. The Oregon Zoo shared this video of the animal swimming with and biting into a "croc-o'-lantern."
Meet Goldie the Therapy DogThe children at Mary Daly Elementary School in Elkhart, IN have a new furry friend! Check out Goldie the therapy dog and how she brings joy to the classroom.
Eye on the Day for Wednesday, October 16It's Wednesday, October 16. Here are the stories we're keeping our eye on: some highlights from the Democratic presidential debate last night, the U.S. is putting pressure on Turkey and a new phone you don't have to touch to use.

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