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About Michigan Matters

Michigan Matters focuses on controversial issues concerning the metro Detroit area. The program is hosted by CBS 62 Senior Producer and Detroit Free Press Columnist Carol Cain who has shared her perspective on local and national radio and TV shows for over a decade. In addition to one-on-one interviews, a high-profile panel of metro Detroit political, business, and community leaders will join her for roundtable discussions.

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Michigan Matters: Detroit 67 ProjectThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain and the Roundtable discuss the Detroit Historical Museum’s Detroit 67 Projects and the events that led up to the rebellion. Cain’s guests include Joe Hudson, a member of the family who owned Hudson’s during the time of the riot and a civic leader at that time; Ike McKinnon who was a Detroit police office at that time; and Marlowe Stoudamire, program director at Detroit Historical Museum who is overseeing 1967 program. Then, Patrina Chatman, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions for the Wright Museum; and Valerie Mercer, curator of African American Art for the Detroit Institute of Arts; join Cain to share insight on their joint exhibit, The Art of Rebellion.
Michigan Matters: Small Business And Mature EmployeesThis week on Michigan Matters, with a growing talent gap at small and big companies, host Carol Cain looks at a new statewide effort to recruit employees over 50 with Chris Holman, President of Michigan AARP and the Founder & CEO,; and Rob Fowler, President & CEO, Small Business Association of Michigan.. Plus, more people in Metro Detroit are starting small businesses. Why are they doing this and what does it take to succeed? Mark S. Lee, President of the LEE Group; and Ken Harris, President & CEO of the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce, share their thoughts.
Michigan Matters: Lagrant Foundation & Ann Arbor Art FairThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain looks at the arts and culture scene in Detroit. First, the Roundtable of Kim Hunter, the Founder of The LAGRANT Foundation; Tony Cervone, Senior Vice President of Global Communications, GM; and Wayne State University student Johnny Lemar Ricks talk about the importance of art and the newly established LAGRANT Foundation. Then, Karen Delhey, a spokeswoman for the Ann Arbor Art Fair, discusses what is new at the summer art fair tradition. Next, Albert Scaglione, the Park West Gallery founder & CEO, explains his latest project.
Karen Delhey Reveals What's New For Ann Arbor Art FairKaren Delhey, spokeswoman for Ann Arbor Art Fair talks about what’s new at this year’s art fair.
Michigan Matters: TARDEC & Regional Defense IndustryThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain looks at how our region has produced weapons that have helped keep our world safe. Macomb County is hoping to expand that reputation as it battles other states to be the place where the new 35 Lightning Fighter jet will be built. Scott Heim, Program Director of U.S. Army TARDEC, and Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel joins Carol to discuss their plans. Then Mark Hackel joins Denise Ilitch and Rocky Raczkowski on the Roundtable to celebrate our independence, our defense industry and to dissect interesting times in our region.
Michigan Matters: Qline, MoGo And Transportation IssuesThis week on Street Beat, host Lisa Germani examines the changing transportation scene in the Metro Detroit area. First, Sommer Woods, the VP of External Relations of QLINE Detroit, talks about the one of the newest additions to Detroit’s transit options. Then, the bike rental service MoGo Detroit is a fun, flexible and convenient way to get around the city. It’s Executive Director, Lisa Nuszkowski, explains how the program works. Next, Carmine Palombo, Deputy Executive Director of SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments), talks about the transportation issues facing the area from aging infrastructure and sink holes to bike paths, boats, and more.
Flint Mayor Karen Weaver Gives An Update On The Flint Water CrisisFlint Mayor Karen Weaver gives an update on the Flint water crisis and investigation over led contamination.
Michigan Matters: Maven & Auto MobilityThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain looks at options for auto mobility including car sharing, self-driving vehicles, and how our highway and freeway system is getting ready for the challenge. Her guests include Bob Tiderington, Senior Manager of Member Management for GM’s Maven program; Kirk Steudle, the Executive Director of MDOT; John McElroy, Autoline; and Trevor Pawl, Director of Planet M.
Michigan Matters: 2017 Mackinac Policy ConferenceThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain brings back exclusive interviews from the Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2017 Mackinac Policy Conference on topics including education, the talent gap, the environment, politics, and the pressing issues that are facing the state. Guests include Governor Rick Snyder, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, John C. Carter from JP Morgan Chase, Dr. Tonya Matthews of the Detroit Science Center, Steve Arwood, CEO of MEDC; Lt. Governor Brian Calley; Keith Owens, Senior Editor for the Michigan Chronicle; Tammy Carnrike, COO of Detroit Regional Chamber; Michigan GOP Chair Ron Weiser; Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon; U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow; Businesswoman Lena Epstein; Jim Lively, program director at the Michigan Land Use Institute; and more.
Michigan Matters: Non-Profit OrganizationsThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain looks at non-profit organizations that are making an impact in our community. Her guests include Carol Goss, the Founder of Warrior Women Against Poverty; Robert Bury, the Executive Director of the Detroit Historical Society; Amy Tattrie Loepp, Founder of Impact 100 Oakland County, and Jessica Bell, Board Secretary for Impact 100 Oakland County; and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson with George Miller, the Executive Director of The Rainbow Connection.
Michigan Matters: State Senator Coleman Young IIThis week on Michigan Matters, State Senator Coleman Young II is cutting a swath across politics. Now he's aiming for the job once held by his father, Coleman Young. Michigan Matters host Carol Cain talks to him about this plans. Then the Roundtable discusses President Trump, changes on the auto scene, and more with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Ilitch Enterprises CEO Denise Ilitch, Rod Alberts, the Executive Director of Detroit Auto Dealers Assn.
Michigan Matters: Detroit HappeningsThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain finds out about local events. First, Lou Ferrigno stops by to talk about his years starring as the Hulk, the Comic Con, his new book, and life as a deputy sheriff in Arizona. Then, Tony Michaels, CEO of the Parade Company, talks about the upcoming fireworks. Then the Roundtable of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson; Beth Chappell, President/CEO of Detroit Economic Club; and Bob Ficano, former Wayne County Executive, stop by to talk about other things happening in the Motor City.
Michigan Matters: Grand Circus & TechnologyThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain talks with Damien Rocchi, the CEO and co-founder of Grand Circus, a Detroit-based company that started to help tech entrepreneurs grow in Detroit and is now training Detroiters for tech jobs. Then the Roundtable of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Ilitch Enterprises CEO Denise Ilitch, and Michael Patrick Shiels, the syndicated radio host of "The Big Show," talk about national and local events.
Michigan Matters: Baseball Legend Hank AaronThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain interviews baseball legend Hank Aaron about his career, his family, and his advice to future generations. Then, Cain brings in the next generation of college grads to the Roundtable to talk about the world from a millennial perspective. Her guests include Lucas Fuchs, a Mechanical Engineering student from Oakland University's School of Engineering and Computer Science; Anthony Kostecki, a Psychology major heading off to Texas A&M for doctorate in clinic psychology; and Emily Haydel, a graduate of the University of Michigan in sports management and Hank Aaron’s granddaughter.
Michigan Matters: Muskegon Museum Of Art, Chaldean Cultural CenterThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain talks with Judith Hayner, Executive Director of the Muskegon Museum of Art, about their new exhibition that features the entire collection of North American Indian photos by Edward S. Curtis. Then, Mary Romaya, executive director of the Chaldean Cultural Center History Museum, discusses the newly opened museum. Then the campaign co-chair of Trump Michigan Lena Epstein, Ilitch Enterprises CEO Denise Ilitch, and 910 am radio host Cliff Russell will talk about the Pope, Coach Harbaugh, and President Trump’s first 100 days.
Michigan Matters: Talent GapThis week on Michigan Matters, with sweeping changes in technology, the workplace is evolving too. Where are the jobs of today and where will they be tomorrow? Host Carol Cain talks to three experts to find out: Dr. Stan Jensen, President, Henry Ford College; Lisa Baragar Katz, Executive Director, Workforce Intelligence Network; and Moddie Turay, Executive Vice President of Real Estate and Finance for the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC).
Michigan Matters: Education, Joe Louis ArenaThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain talks with Ric Devore, the PNC Regional President for Detroit and southeast Michigan about aiding teachers and students in the classroom through their Grow Up Great initiative. Then the Roundtable of Ric DeVore, Ilitch Enterprises CEO Denise Ilitch, and Chris Holman, CEO, Michigan Business Network discuss education and regional news. Also, hear what Denise Ilitch has to say about “The Joe” and legacy it leaves.
Michigan Matters: Automation AlleyThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain looks at the manufacturing revolution and how it will metro Detroit with Tom Kelly, Executive Director of Automation Alley. Then the Roundtable of Kelly, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, and Ilitch Enterprises CEO Denise Ilitch look at the impact of technology on jobs, education, and the future of the metro Detroit.
Michigan Matters: Economic Bridges With ChinaThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain talks with Hong Lei, the Consul General from the Chicago Chinese consulate; Lisa Gray, chair of the North American Chinese Coalition; Justin Robinson, Vice President of Business Attraction at the Detroit Regional Chamber; and Peter Theut, chair of China Bridge in Ann Arbor about building two-way economic bridges to China.
Michigan Matters: The Boom In Small BusinessThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain explores the boom in small business in Michigan with Pat Chatman, director of Workforce and Professional Development at Henry Ford College. Then the Roundtable of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson; Larry Herriman, Interim Executive Director, Macomb-OU Incubator; and Charlie Beckham - Group Executive in Charge of Neighborhoods for city of Detroit; talk business, politics, and more.
Michigan Matters: Lear And Zaman InternationalThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain talks with Matt Simoncini, the President and CEO of Lear to find out what the huge auto supplier is doing to help the community, their imprint locally and globally as a business. Then roundtable of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Ilitch Enterprises CEO Denise Ilitch, and Najah Bazzy, the Founder/CEO of Zaman International, sit down for a discussion on Michigan and more.
Michigan Matters: MPLP - Dean And NavarroOn this week’s Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain interviews former Vermont governor Howard Dean and Republican strategist Ana Navarro about Washington, Lansing, politics and more. Then, Brandon Dillon, the chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, and Lena Epstein, campaign co-chair of Trump Michigan, sit down for conversation about President Trump, and Michigan politics.
Michigan Matters: Figure Skate DetroitThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain has a heart-felt conversation with Denise Ilitch about her father and his impact on Detroit. Then Cain talks to Olympic Gold medalist Meryl Davis about winning gold, the impact it’s had on her life and what she is doing now. Then Ilitch and Davis join Geneva Williams, Detroit Leader for Figure Skating in Detroit (FSD) on the Roundtable to discuss learns about the difference figure skating can make in the lives of low income girls

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