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Eye On Detroit - Stand Down
Stand Down being held at the Detroit Rescue Mission.

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Eye On Detroit - MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption and Education CenterDedication of the MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption and Education Center in Dearborn.
Eye On Detroit - Tony DeNardoMusician Tony DeNardo suffered a stroke at the age of 28. He is now on a mission to help others in their recovery from a stroke.
Eye On Detroit - The Carr CenterThe Carr Center in Detroit preserves, presents, promotes and develops African and African American cultural arts traditions within our multicultural community.
Eye On Detroit - Rock The StrokeAt age 30, Natalie Lavis' boyfriend at the time had a stroke. She found herself as his primary caregiver. Searching for answers and solutions to their situation, Natalie found it difficult to find the answers she needed. Natalie then founded "Rock The Stroke", a website and blog for those helping friends and loved ones.
Eye On Detroit - House of ProvidenceIn the State of Michigan, there are thousands of children waiting for a family to call their own. Many of these children will never be matched with a family, and as a result, their journey will be difficult and lonely at best. Children who are never adopted will age out of the foster care system with little or no support. Lisa Germani visits the House of Providence where they are truly making a difference.
Eye On Detroit Vista Maria Foster CareChief Forecaster Karen Carter visits the Vista Maria Foster Care Program. Each year, there are over 12,000 foster children in Michigan, with nearly half of those children residing in the metro Detroit area. Children in foster care are no different from our own children. They need caring adults who will love, nurture, protect and inspire them to fulfill their dreams. Each foster child needs a family that is ready to commit to their success so that each child can grow and become self-sufficient.

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