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Tina Fey went back to SNL this past weekend to promote her new movie “Date Night.”   In typical Saturday Night Live fashion, the sketch went on way too long and beat any of the good jokes to death.  SNL has been suffering for years and they found a way to take one of the few successful sketches and run it into the ground.   I think it is time for the show to retire.

  1. joe from macomb says:

    Saturday Night Live is atill around wow I taught the show was cancled when all the funny ones lefted in the early 90’s.

  2. Garren says:

    SNL stopped being great when they started calling it SNL. The Jimmy Fallons and other senseless so called comedians drained it trying to make it big. When “SNL” was funny, the comedians and actors did it for other reasons.

  3. Jon says:

    the only time its funny anymore is when they rip off a skit from the heydays . and the musical guests are all ‘buy ons’ looking to promote a record . through the 70s , 80s , and some of the 90s , it was about a killer act on the show. NOT justin beibers PR team greasing lorne michaels wheel…pun intended

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