The City of Detroit is looking for host families for their student exchange program. Rose Love with the city says this year, they have 10 people coming from Detroit’s sister city, Toyota, Japan.

What kind of host families are they looking for?

“Open to a new experience. A family with a teenage student or teenager in the family is what we prefer for those who are high school students. And then anyone can host someone who is a chaperone, doesn’t have to have kids in their family,” said Love.

How does the program work?

“They’re responsible for providing the guest with a room, obviously a bed to sleep in, and meals when they’re not with the city of Detroit. The way we work it out is that during the weekdays, the city of Detroit has activities for the delegation members,” said Love.

What’s so great about being a host family? “This is an opportunity to be able to share with someone from Japan who we live in Detroit and in America, in general. And it’s an opportunity to develop an international friendship, relationship, and to be able to learn something about their culture and we teach them something about our culture,” said Love.

Eight students and two chaperones will be arriving on July 21st and staying till August 5th.

For more information or to host a student or chaperone, call Rose Love at (313) 224-3757, or click here for more.

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