Seven candidates seeking to become Michigan’s next governor are crisscrossing the state in hopes of gaining the support of undecided voters in Tuesday’s primary election.

Five Republicans and two Democrats are on the campaign trail Sunday, and each of them spoke live on WWJ Newsradio 950 about why voters should elect them.

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Republicans seeking to become governor are Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, Attorney General Mike Cox, state Sen. Tom George, U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Ann Arbor businessman Rick Snyder.

“I’m the only candidate on either side that doesn’t just have a plan, but has a plan and a record of actually doing those things. I was a leader in the Senate when we changed Michigan from one of the worst states in America to grow a company, we were a billion dollars in deficit. When I left the Senate we had a billion dollars surplus and we were ranked one of the top three states for jobs,” said Bouchard.

Interview With Mike Bouchard

“People know that they can count on me whether it’s standing up against Asian carp, against the Obama care, cutting taxes and saying no to the sales tax. I’m the only person who’s took a stand on that, and I think voters will reward bold leadership,” said Cox.

Interview With Mike Cox

“I’m a doctor. I was a hospice physician for five years and I would never lie to a patient. You have to tell patients the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable. And the truth is the state is nearly insolvent and the first order of the day has to be very difficult cuts in order to stabilize it, not tax cuts, but spending cuts or the state will not be able to pay its bills,” said George.

Interview With Tom George

“It’s not only the experience in Congress that makes me an ideal candidate to be the governor. Forty-percent of Michigan’s budget comes directly from the federal government. But the combination of experience in Washington, combined with my 15 years at Herman Miller, a Fortune 500 company, provides me with a leadership background to go into Lansing and make a difference, get some things done,” said Hoekstra.

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Interview With Pete Hoekstra

“The nice part about my candidacy, it’s about Michiganders winning together. Because we’ve been polarized far too much in the state with too much of a win, lose attitude. And it’s about bringing us together to win together. So while I’m doing great with the Republican base, to a degree Independents and Democrats want to join me not because of labels but because I’m saying smart common sense things, let’s just get going. Because that’s the kind of culture we need to create for the future of our state,” said Snyder.

Interview With Rick Snyder

Democrats in the race are Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and House Speaker Andy Dillon.

“I’m on the ground floor, where the people are. I’ve made it work in the city of Lansing, and I can make it work as governor. I have that executive experience and I’m on the people’s side. I’m not the corporate, button-down, blow-dried candidate, I’m a little rough around the edges. I’m down where the people are and I can get the job done,” said Bernero.

Interview With Virg Bernero

“I have 20 years of private sector experience, ten working for or with several businesses. I’ve got five years now in Lansing. I will hit the ground running. We’ve got a detailed plan,” said Dillon.

Interview With Andy Dillon

Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm can’t seek re-election this year because of Michigan’s term limits law.

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