Bacteria (iStockphoto)

Officials are still looking for the source of what caused a few people to contract Legionnaires’ disease at Selfridge Air National Guard Base. There are now four confirmed cases and one suspected case.

Two people are hospitalized; one in critical condition.

Selfridge commanders don’t know the source yet, although they suspect it’s something in two buildings since about 31 people have become ill in recent weeks.

Those two buildings have been sanitized.

Edpidemieologist John Ambrose said tests have been conducted but the results won’t be known for a couple of weeks.

“We’re still looking into what [those 31 people] are ill with, and if they’re ill with Legionairs’ disease,” Ambrose said.

Health officials say Legionnaires’, a type of pnemonia that can sometimes be deadly, is not spread person to person — but from bacteria in a water vapor or droplet.

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