Fraser-based AIM Computer Solutions Inc. said Tuesday that Chesterfield Township-based Dajaco Industries has had success implementing AIM Vision software for manufacturing management.

According to Dajaco president James Ureel Jr., the company production floor last year was considered 100 percent booked. But to make sure his business was running as efficiently as possible, Ureel turned to AIM to address workflow voids and material tracking gaps on his production floor.

Dajaco began implementation of AIM Vision in January, and within only a few weeks the company had a handle on their material inventory and by March both his materials and finished on hand inventory were greatly reduced. 
“I suddenly had reliable numbers that I could trust,” Ureel said. “Even with five facilities and warehouses at each, I know exactly where product is.”

Prior to this implementation, Dajaco struggled with scheduling because of the delay in information between the floor and the office. 

“Now we have real-time data, lot tracking, and efficient processes,” Ureel said. “And the best part is it was easy to implement. With some basic assistance from the AIM team we were able to handle most of the implementation on our own, and the end users had no problem grasping the new procedure.”

After the implementation, Ureel’s feelings are simple: “I wish I would have done it sooner.”

Said AIM vice president of operations Jerry Czernel: “We think Mr. Ureel’s take charge viewpoint helped the implementation of AIM Vision product. As the president, he drove the project.  He understood what was needed, rallied his team, and got it done.”

AIM is the industry leader for a complete ERP software solution tailored to the small to medium sized repetitive manufacturers with a focus on automotive suppliers. AIM Vision provides a single source for automotive EDI integration into production scheduling complete with demand smoothing to accommodate work schedules, and lean manufacturing and supply chain management. Other capabilities include outside processing, multiple level lot control, in line vehicle sequencing, and release accounting.

Dajaco Industries Inc. was founded in 1976 by James M. Ureel Sr.  Dajaco is a high quality, high volume producer of small to medium stamped metal clips, clamps, brackets and flat springs, serving the automotive industry.

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