WWJ’s Jayne Bower interviews John Christie, President of the G-M Retirees Association and Angele Shaw, the group’s Director of Communications about the group’s efforts to convinced GM to include salaried retirees in the company’s upcoming IPO.

So far, the group has heard nothing from General Motors and some members are talking about a boycott evenn though such an action might hurt the pensions and other benefits they receive from the automaker.  Many retirees were left holding worthless stock when the “old” GM went bankrupt last year.

  1. Susan Benz says:

    If the stock is worthless why are you spending so much time on this. We NEED OUR CURRENT BUSINESS DISCUSSION ON PENSIONS BEING IN THE FOREFRONT. I need this pension and I don’t feel very confident that there has been any significant announcement to this effect. We have already lost money on our health benefits at a time when we need it in our lives. Nothing is being done through the court system to make any kind of reimbursement and I highly doubt it will come about.

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